Does This Secret Code Contain The Whereabouts Of The Missing £50,000 Fiver?

3 April 2017, 16:49

Five Pound Note

There's still one five pound note worth £50,000 in circulation. Could this code hold the secret to its whereabouts?

That fiver you spent on your morning coffee today – did you actually make the mistake of handing £50,000 over to the cashier?

The Jane Austen portrait printed on new five pound

We ask because there’s ONE five pound note worth £50,000 still currently in circulation. Four special editions of the currency were created by artist and micro-engraver Graham Short, who created embellished four fivers with tiny etchings of Jane Austen.

He spent the notes in Wales, Scotland, Leicestershire AND Northern Ireland.

Unbelievably, one lucky punter found one of the rare five pound notes after it was used to buy a sausage and egg sandwich in Blackwood, South Wales. Talk about paying over the odds!

In total, three of the blinging fivers have been discovered, but one remains at large – and it could still be yours.

TWO people so far thought they’d found the missing £50,000 fiver, though in fact they claim to have found secret instructions that may lead to the notorious note.

/Polymer Five Pound Note £5

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Fiver hunters Joy Timmins and Richard Read have both said that their notes contained the phrase: “Look for serial number AL22171910.”

The plot thickens! What could it mean?

A source close to Graham Short told The Sun: “It would seem that somebody has decided to follow in Graham's footsteps. Perhaps they have set something up with the same idea?

"We're very interested in this because most of the 'notes' we've been sent images of have plainly been copies or fraudulently made.”

So, is it worth hunting for serial number AL22171910? It certainly seems that the £50,000 fiver has captured the public’s imagination. It’s almost a grown-up version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! You never know, you could have your very own Golden Ticket nestling in your wallet or purse right now.

As that source told The Sun: “This is certainly a conundrum. Maybe something great lies at the end of this rabbit hole?"