Sexiest man alive 2011

See which celebrities made the list conducted by People magazine.

Bradley Cooper has been voted the sexiest man alive in a poll conducted by People Magazine.

The Hangover II actor beat the likes of Ryan Gosling, Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend Justin Theroux.

"First thing I thought was, 'My mother is going to be so happy'" said the Cooper to People.
"I think I'm a decent-looking guy." continued the star "Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying."

The 36 year old went on to reveal that he is currently single and is a chivalrous guy at heart.

"I had an old fashioned upbringing" said the
Hangover II star "meaning that you walk on the outside of the sidewalk from the woman, open the door and never let them carry anything". 

Check out the pictures of the 'sexiest men alive' below and tell us whether you agree:

sexiest men alive 2011
Bradley Cooper - voted number 1
sexiest men alive 2011
Ryan Gosling - voted number 10
sexiest men alive 2011
Alec Baldwin - voted number 11
sexiest men alive 2011
Justin Theroux - voted number 4