Shame: Your Views

Here are your views on the eagerly awaited Robbie and Gary duet - 'Shame'.

i think its a gr8 will grow on me
Martyn Rackley

I am delighted with the song. sounds awesome and it is good to see both of them back together as it is something, I as a Take That fan from the start, have hoped for over 15 years. Although I guess it will probably only last for one tour. No idea why but it is a gut-feeling and I have mostly been right with that
Eva Reimann

Fab song that says it all.  Looks like they had a great timing making it too.  
Fantastic singer and superb songwriter - how could it not be anything but brilliant!
Joan Woodall

I think this is a good song & Robbie should do songs with people but i still think he shouldn't be back with Take That.
Lucy Aitchison

love the song, video a bit odd - just a bit too loved up!  And why don't they jump?
Casa Studman

just like to say that the new single is excellent - well done to Robbie and Gary - great to see them back together after all this time
Julie Cooksley

love it love it love it! Love the tongue in cheek video too
Jenny Wootton

Brilliant - Cant wait to buy!
Leisa Willey

Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love, it, love it, love it, love it, I was laughing so much when they were looking at each other so loving and taking their tops off, very brokeback mountain
Sarah Flanagan

Love the song and video. It's great to see Robbie and Gary singing together again.
Catherine Austen

Couldnt wait for this single!! Absolutley love it!! Really catchy, its been a long time 'coming'!! Well worth the wait! Cant wait for the album!!
Jackie Farlam

I think shame is a perfect song that describes the past and future of Garys and Robbies relationship. Its a good and catchy song that will be number 1!!
Zoey Hall

i loved the video woz a bit worried when they got touchy feely lol woz glad they didnt kiss but the end woz my fav when they had there shirts off well done robbie and gary sure fire number one xx
Donna Peaks

Amazing, can't stop listening to it. couldn't take my eyes off the video. Keep em coming guys x
Jo Houghton

Love the song, and the vidoe is great.
Angela James

Oh i really loved it first time i heard it, and the vid is brilliant, bring it on guys, they sounded so good, and the words were so appropiate
Erica Willis

I love it, lyrics, melody and video!
Well done guys, sure to be a big hit!!
Sarah Southam

the vid shows lots of emotion and the words are quite true to life. Well they certainly use the musical 'hook' well. I've been humming it all day. What's more the lyric leaves you thinking of the 30' Robbie at the back of Toys r us. Clever boys!
Should be a hit - love it.
Jill Perry

Sharon Beesley

Absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing it
Helen Cheeseman

its just wicked clever boys know what they are doing good luck zoe x
Zoe Verrell

glad you boys didn't jump, or we'd all be asking who the doubles were :) and let's all not get into "break back mountain" the song is about friendships going a stray, we all know how easy that is good luck to you boys good luck to all of TAKE THAT
Catherine Hornsey

love it!!! takes me back to the take that days!!!! very tonuge in check!!! so lookin forward to the new take that song and robbies album :-) keep it up boysxxxxx
Claire Davies

Blooming brilliant ~ and what a video!
A great way to show the world that life is far too short to be messing around with silly spats and arguments.
I think that the boys are back for good :O)
Sharon Whitchurch

i love the new song shame it has a element of eternity in it, i think it is warm and exciting full of the future together. Great lyrics love the toys r us bit! yes welcome back together i am looking forward to the year ahead! thanks GB and RW and Heart super interview toby
Vicky Pavitt

I love this song..Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow 'back for good?'. Im loving it all, its so frank. I also the love the bit "wrote letters in my mind but the words were so unkind, about a man i cant remember...i must of meant them at the time", after reading their autobiographies this song makes so much sence!!   
I dont think i can wait until the 4th october to own it :( Well done boys xxx
Donna Vincent

Great video, wonderfull song, really made me cry!!! Good look boys!
Joao Peres

this song makes me so happy ! .. not just because they're all together again.. but it really is a good tune! Can't wait for the album!
Jessie Carr

Sounds great. A bit like Cat Stevens before he changed his name!
Toni Birkin

Absolutely amazing song, loved the video brightened up a dull day.  Can't wait for the tour next year
Nikki Greenwood

I LOVE this song! Everytime I hear it on the radio I can't help but sing-along :D 10/10! Good on Robbie and Gary for putting their past behind them!
Robbie Millar

could listen to it all day great song xx
Penny Rudge

Brilliant song and the video is great, especially seeing Gary looking sooooooo fit without his top on!!!
Sue Watchman

It's so nice to see Robbie and Gary singing together again. I think it's a brilliant song.
Mary Knowles

I was so looking forward to hearing you(Robbie) and gary, it was great. I love the new song. Sooooo looking forward to seeing you guys. Send my love to marky.
Luv to u all.
Patricia Stanley

It's so nice to see Robbie and Gary singing together again. I think it's a brilliant song.
Mary Knowles

Fantastic, really love it and the video  is so funny. Excellent SHAME it's took so long.  Love you Robbie x
Karen Morbey

Loved it well done boys, it gave me goose bumps.
Looking forward to the new future of take that xx
Tracy Tall

- i love the video of shame i love the bit when the both of them took there tops off. can not wait to see all five f the take that boy on stags in 2001. I cannot stop play the sham video of shame, i am  going to see the on stage at the help the heroes gig on Sunday.

-i love it well done lads about time , you know what they say life is to short xx
Sue Knight

-BRILLIANT!!!! :) x
Hotheifa Mann

-I am chuffed to see these guys getting on so well again!! Takes me back to my childhood! Happy days! xx
Jenna Cox

-I loves it, I've been waiting 15 years for this. Can't wait for the new stuff together. Take That 3rd generation forever.
Leanne Pugh

Can't wait to see Garyand Robbie sing together on the telly they are great

-I really like the song, very catchy which always a winner.  The video's a bit cheesy, but I would expect nothing other I suppose.  I hope the reunion goes well, I remain a complete Robbie fan, love TT also, but not sure you should ever return to an ex job!  Good luck, I'll see you at the reunion concert.
Rob - you still owe me and my sister a freebie concert to make up for Croke Park Dublin, you promised!
Elaine Beaken

-What a 'Shame' Robbie & Gary didn't sing together again before now....HAPPY DAYS again :)
Justine Emery

-Love it so much they are the best...and still as fit as they were when I was 15!! xx
Liz Differ

-Really enjoyed the song and video - very heartwarming!
Donna Carey

-he song is really good a very catchy tune. I like the video and Gary looks lovely as always. Cant wait till the tour next year. Please dont put the tickets on sale before 28th September as I will be on holiday and I will be devastated if I miss out. Love to them all xx
Amy Farrell

-Absolutely love it, love the fact its about forgiveness and how a friendship went downhill but is back on track now.  Great song and am so glad they've all got back together - one happy lady!!!
Jane Watson

-I am pretty sure it's one of those songs that will grow on you, not bad tho.
Teresa Stevens

- I heard u on heart fm today gary barlow and robbie loved the new song well done u a great band. Corrina

- Absolutely loving the new single 'Shame'  To see Robbie and Gary together again is wonderful and brings a tear to my eye.  Well done guys, look forward to many many more fantastic songs together. Love you all xx 
Michelle x

- Ohh my god , Im like the biggest take that and robbie fan EVER , on the tour will you onlt be dong new material, or will you include some of the old stuff (: <3 , i love you guys =].
Love Chloe xx <3

- Yeah,,,i like,,,it's alright,,, not bad,,, potentail number 1 hummm,,, we'll see.

- How sweet....looks like a bit of a 'love each other' bless um' =) xx 'Good luck. Guys'

- Brokeback mountain remake

- I've just watched the video and while I think it's very sweet it is indeed very Brokeback Mountain. ;-) LOL, very funny! Great song, very catchy!

- Glad you are doing a tour togeather and good luck for the future. Both of you x

-Great catchy tune, and so brilliant to see them back together again. Good on you Gary and Robbie! Lets have some more!!!
Paula Lewis

-It Is Awesome!!!  the song is brilliant I laughed at some of the words and then wanted to cry at the same time. Well done guys another number one on the way.
Jayne Foster

-I just love it, so great seeing them together Robbie it will be a no1, for sure. Its so special as it says it all in the song. I am realy happy for you after all this time you are back together.... Lets just hope you are back for good to you all xx
Shirley Allen

-.M.G this brought a HUGE smile to my face, so great to see them both together again, briliant song, cute vid and very catchie tune. Can't wait for the long awaited FULL TT reunion now. Sooooo excited xxKIMxx
Kim Bates

-Loved listening to them both on the radio, made my day I think the song is fab and the video is great too! I'm am really looking forward to seeing Robbie live 12th sept esp now Gary will be joining him!!
Alison Edwards

-omg that was amazing , its so good to see the guys together. The song is brilliant i love it
Kelly Summerhayes

-Beautiful song Robbie and Gary well done cant wait for the release!!!
Karen Setter

-Good to see them back together, excellent song excellent video, well done boys its great xxx
Monica Cooksey

- very nice song has meaning to it go robbie and
Helen Clark

-the song is really good
Ryan MacMilliane

-Loved it the minute I heard it!!  Video is fab both Robbie and Gary looked gorgeous!!!  Sure to be a huge hit.......Well done boys glad to see u back together.
Lisa Seagrave

-Am loving it, just fab, so excited that they are back together, can't wait for more.  Just love them xxxx
Natalie Wildman

-Love it! No need to listen to it a couple of times so that it grows on you - brilliant first time. I am loving the video too, it is just great.
Dawn Breading

-Thought it was brilliant! you can hear they have really grown up and putting the past behind them. good on you two!! well done another brill song by gary barlow and robbie. x
Amanda Bush

-Robbie Williams is brilliant, luv him!! nt so keen on Gray but think that they work well together and i think 'shame' will be a grower! its very catchy!!
Lynn Stokes

-Love it, great Lyrics as it relates not only to them but to most of us!
Sue Michel

-Loving it, so excited that they are back together, the song is fab. Can't wait for more!!!x
Natalie Wildman

-Fan Daby dozy Very catchy can't stop it goin round my head
Michelle Dent

-Really good - it's a grower.
Sue Sivret

-Loved the song and the Video was brilliant I am sure that this will be a No.1 Robbie looked relaxed and looked sooo good.  I think it is good that they have sorted things out a long time coming but worth the wait - Well done Robster and Gary, Robster you will always be my favourite sorry Gary x x
Sharon Louise Austin

-very good a long time coming
Yvonne Hughes

-I love it, great song with great video, bet they had a great time filming this!
Sarah Mullins

-I love the new song 'Shame' it's up tempo and easy  to listen to, what more do you expect though from master song writer like 'our Gary' The man's a genius. I expect Rob had a little influence as well! but Gaz is ' The Man'
Margaret Bannister

-I am welling up.  Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.  Great to see them (and without any girsl to distract from them)and makes me realise that there is hope for all of us who have gone through bad times. Well done guys - I love it and both of you x Janet
Janet Sullivan

-Blown away by this new song, excellent harmonys & great video.
Joanne Clifford

- Love the video, its soooo funny, lloved the interview aswell, just gutted my question didnt get read out :( xx
Laura Ormond

-What a way to show their feelings and settle their differences doing something they both obviously enjoy and are good at.  Just shows how human these two both are publicly. Just think it would have been nice for the other band members to have been in the background at least..  but loved it... A true reflection on reality!!!!! loved it.
Smiley Smiley Carole Riley x
Carole Riley

-i like it, it is a shame they spent all those years not liking each other but now they are grownups it is time to put it all behind them and enjoy a true friendship knowing each other warts and all.The music is still good and their voices go well togother.
Jennifer Broster

-What a way to show your feelings and settle your differences in something they both obviously enjoy and do well. Pity the other band members weren't in the background.  A great lesson in reality to us all... Well done lads . Smiley Smiley Carole Riley x
Carole Riley

-I love it, great to see Rob & Gary doing a song together after so long. looking forward to Take Thats next album.
Joanne Harrison

-Blown away by this new song, excellent harmonys & great video.
Joanne Clifford

-I really love the lyrics they are v cheeky and tell the story of their relationship.  The tune is catchy too...a number one for sure!! xx
Emma Stevens

-great song and video
Jessica Webb

-can't stop watching it, brilliant. couldn't keep my eyes off robbie.
Tracey Carter

-Love it - the song and the video! So good to see the boys back together and what a fantastic example they have set for other people to settle their differences.  Brilliant!
Laura Whaley

-i think its a brilliant song well done i love robbie williams keep goin ,debbie from kettering
Debbie Greer

-How lovely to watch and hear Gary and Robbie together!!!! I LOVE IT. Well done boys xxx
Emma Cobbs

-not one of the best songs they have done sorry dont like it at all just my opion
Angela Clayton

-Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! what a g8 song and video long time waiting and it was definitely worth the wait even better seeing Robbie with his top off hahaha!!!!
Angela Burksfield

-Could you please tell Gary and Robbie that 'Shame' is an amazing song, Take That and Robbie are a huge part of my life, and I will love them forever.
Sarah Bates

-that was a long time coming and it was amazing the song was catchy and the both of them looked like they had never spilt.
Simon Ball

-Brilliant Song , will defently buy the single and of course Robbie's new album , keep up the good work guys.
Vicki Port

-brilliant song from Rob and Gary. Video good too especially when there tops come off WoW!!
Carol Kelly

Roxanne Smith

-fantastic song guys, the video just had me in stitches!!! just how you guys used to and should be!! keep it going! xx
Rachel Stone

-Its brilliant just as i thought it would be.  Couldn't stop smiling when watching the video to it.  Can't wait until they tour.  Come on lads xxx
Lisa Ford

Hi heard the interview great and the song, I love it, the words are so lovely, think it will make it to number 1  the video funny and fun to watch. well done lads.
Mina Chauhan

-Glad there back togethor what a great song they both look hot!Take That forever!
Lisa Richards

-It's soooo cheesy is makes me laugh, well done boys! Lovely to see you both happy and look forward to the concert next year. I better get tickets. X
Anita Maddison

-Fantastic - something we never thought we would see again.  You certainly know how to brighten up a dull grim day! Great to see the boys back together on such a fab song!
Julie Weston

-oh my god Ive just heard it on the radio now ive just watch it and watched it... About time they all got together... But this is abousolutley fab what a song love it!!!!
Nicola Weston

-I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!  Both very talented - and gorgeous!!!  Love the video, nearly bought me to tears and made me laugh!
Excellent song, Excellent video, Excellent Guys!!! Roll on seeing them live again....
Julie Cameron

-What a great song have just watched it on heart a definate no 1 so glad your all back
Pam West

-Great song and funny vid glad to see you guys back can`t wait for the new stuff
Andrew Crotty

-what a fantastic song! you both look and sound brilliant.
Carley Harvey

-Toby - u have just ruined this video! I can't watch it with out thinking of Brokeback Mountain.
Nearly as bad as Jamie and the chicken soup song!
Great song guys :)
Jody Thompson

-Boring, just hope it grows on me (being a great fan of both).
I was so expecting a pop tune which would be number one but defo not their best.
Simon Young

Deana Penn

-Beautiful Song!
Carlos Geddes

-Love the new song. xxx
Wendy Raffell

-What a lovely meaningful song. Do you want us all in tears Rob n Gary, lol.Well done Guy's. Both look fantastic!
Lisa Marriott

-i really like, it, its typical gary barlow but its nice to see them together again and i think this song could be the start of somethinbg better , its amazingg !!!!
Chloe' Burkill

-Just watched the video, Brilliant, such an amazing way to express their new found friendship, Love Take That and even if they don't continue a 5 man band, I hope their friendship continues to re-establish itself.
Helen Brewin

-Loving it.  It's buzzing.  Good to see and hear them singing together.  Can't wait for the new Take That stuff.
Julia Greaves

-what an excellent song!! love it.
Karen Hartley

-LOVE itttt, It was well worth waiting for, Gary looked gorgeous, the song was sooo good, i saw it on the TV and nearly died, i couldnt stop smiling and it was so funny, i love the way at the end they look down the cliff and think ''Nahh forget it'' and walk of lol, just amazing, No doubt it will go straight to number 1 xD xD xXx Cant wait till there interview xD Hope my question gets asked xxxxxx
-Shauna Hawe

-Not Bad, I quite like the song. Shame I dont like Gary Barlows voice though. Rob you don't need Take That or Gary Barlow. I hope it doesnt all end in tears!
Lesley Spence

-I LOVE THE SONG, LOVE THE VIDEO AND LOVE THEM! Cant wait for them to go on tour!!!! Going to be amazingg!! Love You Guyss!!! xxxx
Sharon Davies

-I think its brilliant, they both are looking and sounding great, well done lads (Y)
Claire Baker

-Love the video, very very funny, i was smiling all the way through it, Loved the song immediatly, im just so happy, and so is my twin lol, Gary looked adorable and so did Robbie actually, xDxDxD xx Love Shauna and Laura xx
Shauna Hawe

-LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
Michelle Dudson

-Love it, love it, love it.  This song really demonstrates a blend of the Gary Barlow melody that the nation has come to love, coupled with the fact that Robbie is a superb lyricist.
I can't help but wonder what might have happened if Robbie hadn't left TT and both him and Gary really worked together on the TT material.
Phil Brown

-love the single , LOOOVVVEEE the seein you back together & cant wait to see you all together as TAKE THAT....
Helen Baker

-Loved it!
Jeanette Sherrell

-I song!!!! almost know it word for word already!!!
Angie Eagles

-its not as bad as people was telling me. Its nice to see the boys together again just hope they stick to it.
Tanya Mahon

-This is the best song I have ever heard, I am an obbsessed Take That and Robbie fan, and this is the best song in the world. Made me cry a little, and the video is absolutely gorgeous!
Sarah Orange

-Love it !!!!!!!!!!great fun lyrics a lot of people could learn from this . so glad Robbie and Gary  look so happy.
Nicolette Darby

-Yeah OK, but what about the rest of the boys Are they just going to leave them out? And don't you think this is just a bandwagon for Robbie- Gary didn't do much singing did he.  Take That don't need Robbie- he needs them. Bring back Take That just the four of them they are brilliant.
Jackie Williams

-its a great song sound a bit countryfied xxx
Mary Cole

-love it!!!!!!!! number 1 single. i love Robbie
Julie Askham

-This is the best song ever, I already know alot of the words I put it on repeat on youtube. God take your shirts off more both of ya, its gorgeous :D Amazing, I know I am obbsessed with TT and Robbie, this song has made me take it to a whole new level of obbsession. It is beautiful, I wanna marry you gary :P
Sarah Donald

-well now they have got that off their chests can we please get back to take that!
Gail Blackburn

-OMG that is an amazing song i love it already keep listening to it and i know the words already its great gets u singing straight away omg and the video is amazing wow gary and robbie please strip off more often your bodies are fit i died ive been waiting for so long for garys shirt to come off excited me
Stacey Peaks

-welcome back. well done lads. fantastic song & love the video. this is no1. love all your songs. good luck 2 all of you.hope to see you next year on tour. also looking forward to the new albums.
Gemma Shaw

- This is an amazing song; sang so sincerely to each other. Will be an all time great i am sure!!!!

- OMG LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT..........Seeing and hearing u both together is a dream and brings tears to my eyes.....hears to many more songs together..

- Absolutely brilliant!!!

- Love the single and the fact they are recording together again but how are we as genuine fans going to get tickets now for concerts when so many will go to corporate and touts that sell them for extortionate prices 10 mins after they go on sale when we are still struggling to get on web sites. We will be trying though. Love to them all.xx

- OMG it was one of the best songs Ive ever heard, it is absolutely amazing. LOVE YOU!!!

- I thought this song was great.  What a way to be able to sort out your differences than through a song, sung together!

- I LOVE the song and LOVE the video even more. Robbie looks sooooooooooooooo buff :) I'm absolutely gutted that I am going to miss Help for Heroes as I will be on a boat that day  :( When will tour tickets go on sale for next year (please dont release them before Sept 16th as I will not be in the country and don't want to miss out!) I can't wait to see the guys all back together..............Are there any hard feelings AT ALL between any of the 5 of you or is it really all just water under the bridge.

- 'Shame': It's gonna be a classic!
The video is absolutely fantastic and Robbie looks soooooooooooooo buff :) I'd quite like the 30ft poster from the back of Toys r us if its going free!!