Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp gets award

The band's guitarist and songwriter has received the prestigious BMI Multi Million Award.

It was awarded for his 1983 song True, which is one of the most played songs on US Radio and TV, which is extremely rare for a recording from the 1980s.

The popular track recently hit an astonishing landmark of 4 million plays on American radio and Gary, the iconic British songwriter, is honoured to have been given the award at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

"I am extremely proud to have been honoured by the BMI for what is a mind-boggling 4 million airplays of True. As well as being immensely proud of Spandau Ballet’s success in the US, it shows the strength of UK music over there during that second British Invasion in the early ‘80s and beyond."

The popularity of the song is backed up by the multitude of uses in films and TV shows as well as cover versions and samples over the years. True has been used in a host of work, such as Charlie’s Angels, The Wedding Singer, Hot Tub Time Machine, Crazy Stupid Love, The Simpsons (twice), Modern Family and many more.

Have a listen to the track below: