Stacy Keibler: Clooney keeps me locked up

The 32-year-old former wrestler has been seen on the arm of the A-list actor for several months as his constant companion. But Stacy has reportedly said that George doesn’t like her being too far away from him.

At the Palm Springs Film Festival, she said, 'George keeps me locked up,' Stacy laughed to reporters at the Palm Springs  to which George quipped, 'I do!'

George joked that he has a tight rein on his girlfriend, 'I don’t let her go out. Don’t let her do anything'.

The confirmed bachelor also apparently gives Stacy fashion advice on what she wears when she accompanies him to various events around the world.

'We sort of have the same taste so it’s pretty easy,' Stacy shared. 'Whatever I end up liking, he likes it too. So it works out good because if he didn’t, then I don’t know what I would do!'