Take That tour comments

You've been letting us know if you're off to see Take That. Here are your comments.

It took me and my husband four hours to get tickets - we were on different computers in different parts of the house yelling out to each other when we got through.  We thought we had tickets a few time only to get to the credit card details part and then the session timed out!  Nightmare!  We thought we would miss out but eventually got two for Wembley.  So excited!  Have been listening to Take That and Robbie all day.  Just glad it was the school holidays and we were both off work!  Its going to be fantastic - can't wait!

no because I am a genuine fan and have been to the last 3 concerts.  Spent all day from 9 am on phone a various websites that crash and all your lines listed busy had 9 people ringing for me gutted and yet I see  b'ham tickets already on sale on ebay from America disgusting should be ashamed of themselves

well it doesn't look like it after spending nearly nine hours online and on the phone!! - obviously lots of people are getting tickets as the dates are rapidly going, is the problem arising as so many people in london are trying to get tickets, extremely frustrated and disappointed by the whole system.

yea,finally got tickets after 7 hours of trying,very excited bout it.

got tickets at 4.30 after sister and me spent all day on phone and internet so are going to manchester on 10/6 with my lovel daughter. can't wait worth thee trying but not sure how they are going to beat the circus tour

yay i have got tickets its only taken 10 hours and 20 mins

Yes and yes managed to get tickets for 11th June. Howard, please wish Nicola Turnbull Happy 40th Birthday tomorrow.  she was in the 2nd row 15 years ago. Can you remember the see through top!!!

Me and my mum tried for hours and hours and still didnt get any tickets,when we eventually got thru,they said there wasnt any left in any venue.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese put some dates at the ricoh arena in coventry :)

Yes! My friend & I have been trying on & off all day.....success after 10 hours - soooo excited!  Our PATIENCE was truly tested but paid off!! Only 253 days to go......& counting!

After 8 and a half hours I finally got tickets for Wembley! Yay, very cold and hungry as I didn't leave the computer and phone for all that time. Booked hotel, now had a shower and can finally join in life again- oops its dark outside. Can't wait for July now, so excited!

I am so very, very sad not to have been able to get tickets to see the boys back together. I am a diehard Robbie fan but also love Take That. I think it is totally wonderful that the boys have put their differences aside.  These lads are true ambassadors for demonstrating how peace and harmony can be achieved when distance, time, maturity and respect are the key focus. What an important message particularly at a time of such economic and social uncertainty. I really wanted to be there to support and thank them.  I spent literally all day today on the internet and the telephone hotline as soon as tickets sales were released but it was not to be. I was prepared to go to any venue in England on any day and virtually any price I live in Kent but work in Sheffield but to no avail. Five men have made history today but have also made me sad as I won’t be there to share in it…. I wish you continued love, peace and happiness as you ‘Take That ‘tour on the road!  x

Most definitely - best music news in a long time

Yes! and Yes! The only thing that bothers me is that Rob may never release any solo material anymore. That would be a pity.

Yeah i am very pleased , they are all good singers. Robbie willaims is amazing he is good in a band and singing solo! and garry barllow is a really good singer and the others!  My mum goes MAD for take that !!

YESSSS :D 3rd june in manchester. 2nd time seeing the boys. very excited 16 year old :D

Spent 4 hours yesterday trying with 2 computers and 2 phones, no luck getting tickets, desperatly waiting for extra dates?!

Joe and Victoria
Me and my mum have only just got the tickets, we were up at half eight ready to call, and at 5 past 5 we got tickets to go :):):).....My mum and I cant wait now till the 7th june :):)..i can now finally get dressed tooo :)

Unfortunately we have tried all day and still sitting online awaiting a response. Well done to all, who have been successful.  Keep fingers crossed!  Yvette Fogarty (A desperate mum)

I am not excited because the system keeps crashing and the phones do not work - AND to top it all there are already greedy people selling tickets just to make money out of those that cannot get through

no have been trying all day and unable to get through im gutted only wanted 2 tickets.....

I am so feed up myself and friend both been trying since 9 this morning still no joy what really annoys us is that people are buying up to 8 tickets and then putting them on ebay etc selling for big profits not fare for genuine take that fans. We will still keep trying but we wont hold our breath as going for silly money now,looks like dvd for us!!!!!!!

Have been trying all day either on line or on the phone and still can't get through!  It's so frustrating that for these big tours the ticket companies just can't deal with the load - you'd think they'd have worked out a better system by now!

sat online from8.50 for 2 hours, couldnt access ticketmaster. had 5 numbers in redial all engaged all day!!!!! gutted

:-( Have been trying all day for Wembley - first time I have tried to book anything for years - I want to go THAT MUCH! . annoying that the systems all failed and that has messed up the last day of my kids half term - can't really have been a great shock that the demand would be HUGE


No. have been tryin since 9 this morning, getting no where...i have 2 laptops out and using two phones...but the phone lines are a nightmare and website keeps crashing, very frustrating !!

Have been trying since 08.55 with 5 phone lines and 3 computers.  No luck.  Everything always engaged.  Got through to choosing tickets when page either expired or crashed.  Very frustrated and extremely angry.

my mum really wnated to see take that. but she couldnt get any tickets :( i was wondering if you did any competitions.. it would really make her haappy.

Got tickets for the Progress tour.  Soooo excited - can't wait.  Took nearly 4 hours of trying with 3 pc's, 3 phones and texts between friends to report on their progress!!!  Enjoying listening to the show.

Yes. My sister managed to get tickets for Villa Park on Tuesday 28th.  We are MEGA excited. Went to see the Circus tour at the Ricoh in Coventry. It was Brill and cannot understand why they are not coming back to the Ricoh.

you bet had to wait 5 half hours to get them

so near yet so far,got to the  payment being processed it took so long it timed out and released tickets,thanks ticket master.

its impossible to get onto the website to book - I've been trying since 0900 and have several windows open and alos tried all phone lines - I cant believe how hard it is to buy tickets! what recession?????

getting a ticket would be helpful!!!!!

yes,yes,yes ! Took me 6 hours to get through though. Can't wait x

Hoping to get tickets but as usual, the greedy people that get them first have already put them all on ebay - if others stopped paying stupid money for them perhaps the sellers would be less inclined to do so!!!

Have been trying since 9am and had no luck. Have such a headache! Have had no luck even getting to choosing a ticket stage on ticketmaster, can't get through to heart and haven't managed to get past the engaged tone anywhere else!! AArrgghh!!  

I have been trying to get tickets since the lines opened using two computers and a phone line.  It is shamefull that all the ticket lines are not capable of dealing with this, it is worse than Michael Jackson!!!

Take ThatAntonella
I have been trying since 9am this morning and am not happy.....

No. I Have been trying all day. My children are being neglected and I still can't get any tickets. Im depressed not excited.

Amazingly excited, have been a diehard take that fan since I was 12 years old (alot of years ago!) and have never managed to see them live before. Im so buzzing and this has got to be the best wedding present ever as it will be 2 weeks after I get married. Just cannot wait!

not as yet, have beenon the internet since 8.30am it's now 2.55pm and still no joy. I have got as far as booking the tickets only to get chucked off and all booking info lost so no I'm not excited at all, I am so fed up.

I am going in june. so so exciting to get the seat. onl;y take me 3 hours to get the ticket. well worth it.

Well we would if I could obtain any tickets, my daughter and I have spent since 9am this morning trying and had no luck getting through on websites or phones.

I would be going to see Take That in July if only I could get on the ticket website.  Several of us have been logged on since 8.30 this morning and still cannot get into the ticket site, some of us cannot even get on the website BUT tickets are apparently available at outrageous prices on unofficial sites - it is disgusting that the official sites did not prepare properly for the obvious demand!

I was excited but haven't been able to grab tickets, have tried since 9am, sacrificed my last day off with children and have got nowhere.  WebSites and Phone lines should have been prepared to cope with demand, they already knew it would be huge! Very disappointed.

take thatRachel
not yet, been trying all day, and still can't get through to any ticket sites :-(

yes we managed to get tickets after 3 hours on 4 phones and the computer just sitting there but oh it was worth it, if it is anything like the circus tour it will be amazing.

NO I wish, website has crashed so many times once it has given me seats. I am devasted.

Whoop whoop, yes I'm going, with a couple of friends! Can't believe I got tickets! Whoop whoop. Going to birmingham villa park on 28th june! Take that here we come!!!!!!!  Can you tell sooooooo excited :-) lol!

i would be excited but i've been trying to get tickets for nearly 7 hours.

I wish!!!  Have been trying for Cardfiff on line (4 different sites) and on 5 different telephone numbers since 9am this morning and everything is engaged or the websites crash as soon as you click on them - absolute nightmare.  Congrats to anyone who has managed to get through - how did you do it!!

I have been trying all morning to get tickets, but have failed (so far!).  I simply cannot believe that the online booking facilities of the agents have failed.  Their heads of IT should bear the responsibility for failing to ensure that capacity was increased for this period of time (they've had enough notice to get it ready).  To then, quite obviously, not have the backup contingency plan to cope with the increased demand for phone line ticket sales is bewildering.  If they didn't expect to be 'overwhelmed with the demand' for these tickets, then I'd like to know which planet they've been living on for the past few weeks.  Oh well - back to the web sites and phones to keep trying.......

no. but extremely frustrated that I appear to have wasted a day of my life for nothing. I have been unable to obtain any tickets, the websites let me get as far as checkout several times but no further.

I have been trying since 9am to get tickets. I managed to get through to putting in all my card details on two occasions before it crashed!  Really annoyed at people buying tickets to sell on e-bay etc. This should not be allowed!

i have been trying since 9 am this morning cant get through to any of the ticket websites one very disappointed fan

No I'm not been trying to get tickets since 9am this morning, this has been all my family on mobiles and home lines, but can buy them on Ebay at 9.10am for a rip off price. Can't complain have seen the boys on their Circus Tour so will wait and see what happens.

 I'm loosing the will to live now!  Been trying all day to get tickets, jumping from one website to another, but no luck. Very frustrating.  Want to cry!!!

Want to go but can't, due to the ticketline fiasco this morning 29/10/2010. Tried for over an hour, started bang on 9am. Like to know how all these ticket touts got their tickets when system failed?

Yes, going on 1st July at Wembley Stadium. Managed to get tickets, accomodation and travel to event.  Getting excited, looking forward to July.

NO - gutted unable to get through despite trying all day!  phone lines nightmare - web sites keep crashing.   How the hell people are managing to actually get the tickets I don't know !!!!!!!!!!!!

Take That HeartAmanda
I would be if i could get through.

no because i cant get any tickets

Yes I am now extremely excited & pleased to be going to see Take That again this year. The last few concerts I wentto were amazng, each time better than the last. I loved them when I was young, had my walls covered in posters, collected badges, bags, pencl tins, folders, tapes(!) and CDs & I love them now just as much now as when then they were together initially and individally, just with a more mature approach-until I get to the concert!!

Wednesday 15th June Cardiff Millenium Stadium