The Chase Fans Notice This Clash Between Contestants And It's Infuriating

8 December 2017, 12:07

Bradley Walsh angry

Someone call the fashion police!

If you're going to appear on the telly, one of the most important things a person might consider is what on earth to wear!

Last night's The Chase contestants left viewers wondering whether they'd thought it through at all.

Contestants Tanya, John and Siobhan all opted for some pretty bold prints to take on the Chasers during last night's show and sat next to each other it truly was a clash of the patterns!

The Chase Lairy Shirts

Viewers who had tuned in to watch at home didn't hold back their opinions on the statement outfits...

The armchair fashion police don't seem pleased! 

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But in defence of the contestants none of them knew each other before they filmed the episode so they couldn't exactly colour co-ordinate. 

A little pop of colour never killed anyone anyway!

But sadly for Siobhan and John they didn't make it through to the final Chase and Shaun Wallace AKA The Dark Destroyer went on to beat Tanya and other less colourfully dressed contestant, Slavko.