These Contestants Just Shafted Their Teammate On 'The Chase' – And Fans Are Furious

The Chase

It's not the first time 'The Chase' has made headlines.

It seems there’s barely a day goes by without a story about The Chase, the frenetic game show hosted by beloved presenter – and blockbusting pop star – Bradley Walsh.

First we had the embarrassing gaffe where one set of contestants somehow changed names mid-episode. Then we had the set of contestants named after the Friends characters. Then we had the contestants named after Disney characters.

Anyone would think the producers know how to drum up a bit of publicity!

Anyway, there’s now been a new reason for Twitter users to scramble to their keyboards to vent their disbelief at The Chase.

It’s all out of sympathy for a poor old contestant called Darragh, who was ‘cruelly’ done out of a big old prize on the game show. He’d bagged a lovely £9,000 and appeared to be sitting very pretty indeed. But then disaster struck – his fellow players undercut him, taking offers (let's all take a deep breath here) of £300, -£1000 and -£2000.

Fans were up in arms that the contestants had taken such low offers, not least the two who had taken offers in the MINUSES.

The keyboard-bashing viewers ranted, shared memes and knocked up ‘wanted’ posters for the ‘cowardly’ contestants.

But one person was more forgiving. Darragh himself defended his teammates, proving that he’s a kind soul in addition to being a whiz at light entertainment game shows.