Has The World Gone Mad? Because Tiffany Are Selling A Tin Can For £1000...

3 November 2017, 15:46

Tiffany's Everyday Objects

The famous jewellery maker has turned its hand to less glamorous items.

When you think of jewellery makes Tiffany & Co you might instantly think of glamorous images like Audrey Hepburn and diamond rings.

So you'd be forgiven for being a little bit baffled by their latest creation... a silver-plated tin can.

The can, which looks like a bog standard one you might find filled with spaghetti hoops, is sterling silver and has a Tiffany blue stripe running down the front.

Tiffany's Everyday Objects

We can't deny, it is a VERY classy looking can.

But would you spend over £1000 on something that just usually holds soup? It retails at $1,500 which works out at just under £1,150. 

Well there's a reason you might, and that's 'art'.

Yep, that one that tends to make people spend non-sensical amounts of money on some crazy stuff; art.

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This particular piece is part of Tiffany's new 'Everyday Objects' range which the company claims turns pretty mundane objects into works of art available to buy.

The collection includes items such as the tin can, an ice cream scoop, a Chinese takeaway carton and even some paper coffee cups.

Tiffany's Everyday Objects

Tiffany's Everyday Objects

Although not paper, they're actually bone china and will set you back $95/£72 - so don't throw these coffee cups away!