Tom Hardy inspired by Come Dine with Me

Tom Hardy has revealed that watching Come Dine with Me helped him to create the character he plays in upcoming film Lawless.

The Dark Knight Rises star plays Forrest Bondurant, who struggles to keep his family's business afloat alongside Shia LeBeouf's Jack, in the forthcoming movie.

'Forrest is a matriarch, he's a mother,' said Hardy to Total Film. 'I don't think it's being macho, I don't think that's what masculinity is.'

The Hollywood hunk may be regarded as one of the finest actors around right now, but he admitted to watching Come Dine with Me for inspiration.

'I really do like Come Dine with Me. It's great people-watching,' he explained. 'I'll steal characters from Come Dine with Me, because they're real people.'

Lawless will hit cinemas nationwide on September 7th.