Tracey Gets The Sack From The Queen Vic, And Eastenders Fans Aren't Happy About It

29 April 2017, 11:41

Tracey eastenders

Who's gonna pull a pint and give the Eastenders cast the evils now?!

The new arrivals to Square aren't doing themselves any favours in the 'popularity' department after doing the UNTHINKABLE sacking Walford's favourite barmaid - Tracey!

Fans of the soap are already screaming #JusticeForTracey after new character Woody gave the soap veteran the axe on last night's episode, after the Queen Vic faced staffing issues.

Tracey eastenders

Despite Sharon Mitchell and Shirley Carter repeatedly warning the new ruthless duo not to get rid of the Queen Vic's best barmaid, Woody gave the long-standing barmaid the boot, sending Tracey into tears and Eastenders' fans into shock.

Tracey eastenders

But last night's viewers haven't been taking the axing lightly, with many asking for #JusiceForTracey.


One viewer even offered the barmaid a job at their pub. Get in there Tracey!

Will Woody realise he's made a mistake? What will the punters say when they realise Tracey is gone? Will Tracey take The Mason Arms up on their job offer? Find out next week on Eastenders (Cause we sure can't tell you).