Can You Conquer The Trickiest Optical Illusions Of 2017?

8 December 2017, 16:38

Optical Illusions 2017

By Alice Westoby

It's the end of the year so test your 2017 brain with these crazy illusions!

We all remember the great dress illusion of 2015. Remember, the one where some people saw a dress as black and blue and others as gold and white?

Well since then we've been obsessed with optical illusions and 2017 has offered up plenty for us to wrap our brains around.

Here are some of our favourites, try and see if you can work out what you should be seeing without being told - it'll drive you round the bend!

What's so odd about this music festival picture?

Optical Illusion Cotton Field

Look REALLY hard and see what you actually see...

Is it a field full of revellers enjoying a music festival at night? Or is it a field full of corn and a combine harvester? Yep, it's the second option!

Can you spot what is wrong with this holiday snap?

four Girls holiday snap optical illusion

To the untrained eye, this might look like a conventional holiday snap of four girls but look a little closer and there is something SERIOUSLY wrong.

If you spotted that all the men in the background in fact have the same head then you are a genius! 

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Can you spot what's wrong with this prom photo?

Can you spot what's wrong with this prom photo?

Photo: @Eleanorclrke

This year's prom season was overshadowed by this genius hack by one school leaver, however, can you spot what it is by glancing at this photo?

Take a look at the clutch bag the girl right in the centre is holding - it's actually a giant hip flask!

There's something hidden in this photo, can you spot it?

Carseat optical illusion

Sure, it might look like a bog standard car seat but look a little closer and there's something else in the image.

Look really carefully at the seat and you'll see there's actually an iPad there with a case confusingly similar to the car seat!

How is your brain feeling after those?