7 Frustrating Movie Details That Would Never Happen In Real Life

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By Alice Westoby

Why don't characters in films ever go to the loo? Why do people drink out of empty cups? Sometimes films can be totally unrealistic...

Films are often unrealistic, that's a given. 

Of course people can't fly, animals can't talk and aliens aren't real (we think!), but when it comes to the stuff that IS realistic, we want to believe it.

How often have you watched a TV series or movie and been driven to frustration by something that just plain and simple wouldn't happen in real life?

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People have been sharing what really grinds their gears in TV and movie universes and we've thrown in some of our own pet peeves too...

1. Drinking from empty cups.

You're not fooling anyone! We know full well that cup has absolutely NOTHING in it, we're not stupid. And even worse than that? When people run with cups leave absolutely zero spillage.

We can't make it from the fridge to the sink without a mishap half the time.

2. TV detectives that DEFINITELY break police protocol.

If we had a pound for every time a TV detective or cop wandered around a crime scene with no gloves on we would be millionaires! You don't need to go to the Police Academy to know that no gloves around evidence means the wrong fingerprints ending up in the wrong place.

Come on guys, it's just common sense. 

3. When characters have average jobs but amazing houses and wardrobes.

How on earth are all these characters affording what they own with seemingly average jobs? Are wages higher in the movie universe?

The most scrutinised example of 'champagne lifestyle, lemonade wages' is Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw who although only wrote one column a week for a magazine, still managed to afford rent in Manhattan and fill her wardrobe with designer clothes.


4. Unrealistic car chases.

They may not happen as frequently our side of the pond but in the US car chases are actually a frequent occurrence. But generally, the bad guy loses and the cops win - hooray!

So that makes it even more frustrating in movies when an average car seems to outrun police cars...

5. When characters get a seat on the commute.


Rule one when commuting is NEVER expect to get a seat, so how on earth does everyone in movie land seem to manage it? 

Emily Blunt's character in Girl On The Train manages to wangle a seat on the commute everyday. Maybe things are different in the States - the book was originally set in London - but we can't imagine, with a population bigger than the UK's, everyone gets a seat on the way into work.

A lovely thought nonetheless.

6. Making plans without any specific details. 


When making plans its customary to know when and where your going and probably how too. So how comes characters in films always seem absolutely fine with the vaguest plans in the world?

'I'll pick you up at 8' 'Ok, great'. 

BUT YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TOLD THEM WHERE YOU LIVE? Perhaps they're all telepathic, who knows.

7. Never waiting for a drink at the bar. 

On a night out it's always the same old dance. Squeeze in at a space at the bar, try and grab the barman's attention whilst not looking too keen and then try and navigate your way out of the crowd with full pints.

This never seems to happen on TV! We're jealous.

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