Fears Alfie Moon Could Be Dead As Kat To Make Shock Eastenders Return ALONE

20 December 2017, 08:16

Redwater promo

The iconic tv couple had a tragic ending during their Redwater spin-off earlier this year.

Kat Moon could make a sensational return to Albert Square but she could end up heading back to her hometown alone.

The news that actress Jessie Wallace is set to reprise her role as the soap's gobby character will be welcomed by Eastender's fans but won't come without concern for Alfie Moon, played by Shane Ritchie.

The pair had seemingly been killed off in their Redwater spin-off earlier this year, which saw Kat being rescued by her estranged son Dermott after drowning at sea while Aflie was left fighting for his life in hospital following a cardiac arrest during brain tumour surgery.

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Now it seems Kat will be returning to Walford solo in the New Year in a last-ditch battle by Eastenders bosses to boost the ratings following Christmas.

A show source told The Mirror: "Kat Slater was a huge and popular character in EastEnders and John was in charge when the Slaters first came into the soap.

"Her marriage to Alfie Moon was one of the biggest relationships in the soap.

"Now John is back in charge again he has managed to persuade Jessie to come back to with a host of new storylines. He knows millions will be excited to see what he has in store for the character."

Jessie Wallace had hinted that the Redwater spin-off could be the last time fans would see both Kat and Alfie on-screen together during an interview on Lorraine earlier this year after the stand-alone series was cancelled due to poor ratings.

The show, saw Kat and Alfie travel to Ireland to find her long-lost son but failed to keep the viewers interested as viewing figures saw a drop of two million by episode two.   

Speaking at the time, Jessie said: "I don't think there will be a second series."

She added that she had ‘no idea’ what might happen to her alter ego and Alfie but admitted that she missed Kat and her one-liners.

Jessie shot to huge fame playing Kat, a member of the popular Slater family, in 2000 and has appeared on the soap on and off with her partner Aflie Moon ever since. 

We're not quite sure what the show would be like without our favourite couple.