American Crime Story season 3 will focus on Bill Clinton's impeachment and Monica Lewinsky

7 August 2019, 11:38 | Updated: 7 August 2019, 12:31

American Crime Story season 3 will focus on Bill Clinton's impeachment and Monica Lewinsky
American Crime Story season 3 will focus on Bill Clinton's impeachment and Monica Lewinsky. Picture: Getty
Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

American Crime Story is coming back for a third season - and is set to portray Bill Clinton's involvement with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

FX has confirmed a third series of Ryan Murphy's true crime anthology, American Crime Story, which is scheduled to air next year.

Having already explored OJ Simpson's murder trial and the assassination of Gianni Versace, American Crime Story 3 is to focus on the impeachment trial on former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and his behaviour towards Monica Lewinsky.

The third instalment is based on Jeffrey Tobin's book, A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President (catchy name, right?).

In a press release, FX CEO John Landgraf explained: “This franchise re-examines some of the most complicated, polarising stories in recent history in a way that is relevant, nuanced and entertaining.

Impeachment: American Crime Story will likewise explore the overlooked dimensions of the women who found themselves caught up in the scandal and political war that cast a long shadow over the Clinton presidency.”

Here's what we know so far about the new season of ACS.

When will American Crime Story 3 be released?

Season 3 of the hit true crime drama is set to premiere on 27 September, 2020.

Who is in the ACS cast for season 3?

It has been confirmed that Booksmart actress Beanie Feldstein will star as Monica Lewinsky, and ACS regular, Sarah Paulson, will play Linda Tripp. It's also been revealed that Paula Jones will be played by Annaleigh Ashford.

Rather than focusing on Clinton's point of view, American Crime Story 3 will be told from the women's perspective.

Who is Monica Lewinsky and what happened between the White House intern and Bill Clinton?

Monica Lewinsky is currently an activist, TV personality and fashion designer, but first became a household name back in the mid-90s, when it she claimed then-President of the United States, Bill Clinton, had behaved inappropriately toward her.

At the time, Lewinsky was a White House intern. She stated that between November 1995-March 1997, she had nine sexual encounters with Clinton during her time at the Oval Office.

In her testimony, Lewinsky stated these encounters included fellatio and other sexual acts, but not sexual intercourse.

This wasn't the first time the POTUS had been accused of sexual misconduct; former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones had previously filed a civil lawsuit against Clinton while he was Governor of the state. Jones alleged that Bill Clinton had sexually harassed her.

Speaking to Vanity Fair about the new ACS series, Lewinsky said: “I was hesitant, and truthfully more than a little scared to sign on.

“But after a lengthy dinner meeting with Ryan, I came to understand even more clearly how dedicated he is to giving a voice to the marginalised in all of his brilliant work.

"I’m privileged to work with him and the other talented people on the team, and I’m privileged to have this opportunity.

"People have been co-opting and telling my part in this story for decades. In fact, it wasn’t until the past few years that I’ve been able to fully reclaim my narrative; almost 20 years later.”

What was Bill Clinton's impeachment trial about?

Bill Clinton's impeachment was initiated on 8 October, 1998.

The specific charges against the 42nd President of the United States were lying under oath and obstruction of justice, which stemmed from the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones.

Clinton became the second President to be impeached, after Andrew Johnson was in 1868.

In an infamous speech, Clinton stated: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewisnky."