Who was fired from The Apprentice last night and what is next week's task?

3 October 2019, 07:16 | Updated: 3 October 2019, 07:18

Who was fired from The Apprentice Episode 1 last night?
Who was fired from The Apprentice Episode 1 last night? Picture: BBC

Episode one of The Apprentice kicked off on BBC One last night

The Apprentice 2019 is finally back, and Lord Sugar's 16 new candidates were introduced in the first episode last night.

Contestants are competing to win a £100,000 investment for their business idea, and each week are split into two teams to complete a task - and one ore more members of the losing team are fired at the end of the episode.

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Last night, the contestants were jetted off to Cape Town, South Africa, to set up tourist experiences.

The candidates went to South Africa in the first episode of The Apprentice
The candidates went to South Africa in the first episode of The Apprentice. Picture: BBC

The girls opted to for for a luxury wine-tasting experience, while the boys took their guests on safari.

Here's everything you need to know about what went down in episode one. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Who got fired from The Apprentice in week one?

The boys lost the first task with a profit margin of just £44, and it was Shahin Hassan who had to put on a scarf and walk sadly into a taxi.

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Shahin, 36, from Birmingham was in the bottom three with project manager Lewis Ellis and teammate Dean Ahmad - and he was fired by Lord Sugar because of his lack of ticket sales.

Shahin was the first contestant to be fired
Shahin was the first contestant to be fired. Picture: BBC

Lord Sugar told Lewis: "Lewis, I have to say that as the project manager one is bitterly disappointed and I’m also bitterly disappointed in your outbursts of temper.

"But having said that, Shahin – you didn’t sell, it’s as simple as that, we lost the task on sales – so it is with regret, Shahin, that you’re fired.

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Shahin later said: "I’m very disappointed to leave at such an early stage – it should have been Lewis, but ultimately it was Lord Sugar’s decision."

What is next week's task on The Apprentice?

Clips from episode two were shown last night - and next week will see the contestants tasked with creating their own range of ice lollies.