Beat the Chasers fans stunned as Jenny Ryan gets ‘easy’ space question wrong

18 October 2021, 11:15 | Updated: 18 October 2021, 11:18

Beat the Chasers fans gobsmacked as Jenny Ryan gets major question wrong


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The Chase star Jenny Ryan tripped up on a question about Elon Musk.

Beat the Chasers fans were shocked over the weekend when brainbox Jenny Ryan got a question about Elon Musk wrong.

During a special celebrity episode of The Chase spin off, Russell Kane faced the professional quizzers in a bid to win money for charity Rethink.

While he told host Bradley Walsh he was very nervous to begin with, the comedian managed to take home a whopping £25,000 after Jenny Ryan tripped up.

Jenny Ryan got a space question wrong
Jenny Ryan got a space question wrong. Picture: ITV

Also known as The Vixen, Jenny was Asked which of Elon Musk’s companies are on an ambitious mission to colonise Mars.

She replied Tesla, which was wrong, as Tesla is the billionaire’s electric and driverless vehicle business.

The correct answer is SpaceX, which is Musk’s aerospace manufacturer, space transportation services and communications corporation.

Jenny was forced to apologise to the rest of the Chasers, but one person wrote on Twitter: “How did they screw that up?”

Bradley Walsh was shocked Jenny Ryan didn't know the answer
Bradley Walsh was shocked Jenny Ryan didn't know the answer. Picture: ITV

"Darragh's face when Jenny said Tesla,” said another, while a third added: "Ooh that was a dirty look Anne just gave Jenny then!"

Russell won the cash for Rethink, which supports those suffering with their mental health, with the 45-year-old going on to say the money would make a lot of difference to the charity.

Elsewhere in the show, newest chaser Darragh Ennis admitted he had his ‘stupidest moment ever’ during the show.

Ahead of the show being aired, 41-year-old Darragh told his 20,000 followers: "The day has arrived. My stupidest moment ever will feature in #BeatTheChasers tonight at 8.30pm on @ITV and @WeAreSTV.

Chase contestant does a dance after defeating The Sinnerman

"Tune in to see my brain pop out for a tea break while my mouth jumped behind the wheel."

This was in reference to the moment the Irish quizzer was asked to explain a question about giraffes being the land mammals who have the longest tails.

He claimed that cheetahs were apes, who didn't have tails, to which Mark Labbett asked: "Are you joking there?"

Darragh then admitted he got cheetahs mixed up with chimpanzees as the audience laughed.

One person on Twitter wrote: "We've all had those moments.

"Like the panto line, 'It's behind you'. Don't worry about it."

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