Ben Shephard Has No Idea What The Aubergine Emoji Means And It's Hilarious

18 January 2018, 11:48 | Updated: 18 January 2018, 12:00

Ben Shephard Aubergine - GMB

By Sam Lucas

Ben Shepherd was left flustered as he admitted to his friend sending him aubergines "all the time".

Today’s Good Morning Britain took a slightly naughtier turn than normal as the topic of aubergine emojis came up. 

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Dating expert, Nadia Essex joined the presenters to talk about ‘micro-cheating’ - a concept where commenting or sending emojis on other people’s social media pics whilst in a relationship, is considered cheating.

Nadia explained: “An emoji speaks a thousand words so you must use them carefully. I’ve dumped guys in the past for the use of the wrong emoji.”

Curious to find out what exactly is the “wrong emoji” she explained that this meant everything from the love heart, wink face and “Anything vegetable-esque like the aubergine.”

Totally oblivious to the aubergine emoji’s underlying meaning being a male’s privates, Ben said: “That’s one of my friends’ favourites. She sends me an aubergine all the time!”

Shocked by his confession, his co-host explained: “You can’t be sending aubergines,’ Kate said. ‘Even I know that.”

To which Ben innocently replied: “What’s being implied by sending the aubergine?”

Meanwhile his naivety had fans in hysterics, shocked that the host had no clue about the vegetable’s connotations.