Bradley Walsh Does Unlikely Duet With This Star

16 October 2017, 16:31

Bradley Walsh On Jonathan Ross

Turns out Bradley is a sucker for grime music

When it comes to their music, they couldn’t be further worlds apart, but when Bradley Walsh joined Grime artist, Stormzy on Jonathan Ross’ sofa this weekend, it was pretty magical. 

On the show, Bradley Walsh confessed that he’s a big fan of the rapper, who will be joining Nicole Scherzinger at the X Factor judges houses.

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He said: “I want Stormzy to do something for me next, do something on my album. Because I actually love his stuff. I really do.” And before we knew it, The Chase host burst into song, singing the track, ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ from Stormzy’s album, to the man himself. 


Stormzy who, was pretty caught off guard, chimed in every now and then with a few word corrections, but Bradley pretty much owned it. That is, until Jonathan butted in to say: “This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen in my life!” 

Fans on the other hand were lapping it up with some calling the pair their “new favourite duo”…

Gotta love the bromance.


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