What is Susan Boyle's net worth, what was her original BGT audition and what is she doing now?

4 September 2019, 17:09

SuBo is a Britain's Got Talent legend
SuBo is a Britain's Got Talent legend. Picture: Instagram/ITV

The Scottish singer has the voice of an angel and astounded everyone with her first audition all those years ago.

Susan Boyle is one of Britain's Got Talent's most famous associated acts.

She was was born on 1 April 1961 and is now aged 57.

The living legend stunned the nation with her incredible voice back in 2008, but what is she up to now?

What was Susan's original audition?

Back in 2008, Susan stepped on to the Britain's Got Talent stage, with no idea that moment would change her life forever.

She sang I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables and made it all the way to the final, but came in second place to Diversity, the dance troupe.

What's her net worth?

Susan is estimated to be worth around £22 million by now, as she's made her fortune touring the world

She has also released a whopping EIGHT albums: I Dreamed a Dream (2009), The Gift (2010), Someone To Watch Over Me (2011), Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage (2012), Home For Christmas (2013), Hope (2014), A Wonderful World (2016) and Ten (2019).

What is she doing now?

Susan has been keeping herself busy with music since, but keeps her personal life very under the radar.

She still lives in the four bedroom, ex-council house in Blackburn, Scotland which she purchased with her earnings in 2010.

The star is an active member of her church, and a practicing Roman Catholic.