Call The Midwife Sends Fans Into Meltdown As They Fear For Nurse Phyllis’ Life

26 February 2018, 12:49

Nurse Phylis Call The Midwife

By Sam Lucas

Fans were terrified as the much-loved Nurse Phyllis Crane got caught up in a huge blaze.

Call The Midwife had fans up in arms last night as Nurse Phyllis Crane faced a nail-biting near death experience. 

The episode showed a fire break out through an East End sweet shop, with a mum and her two kids trapped inside.

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Meanwhile, Nurse Phyllis Crane played by Linda Bassett was also caught in the blaze and viewers couldn’t deal. 

After wrapping the children in blankets to protect them from the heat, everything went to pot when a ladder then collapsed right before her eyes. 

Fans took to Twitter in rage of the much-loved character getting caught up in the flames. 

One viewer said: “I nearly stopped breathing when Phyllis was caught in the fire and now Barbara - please don't do this.”

Another added: "If either Phyllis or Babs get hurt I’m personally filing a complaint.”

Whilst others threatened to boycott the show if Nurse Phyllis’ life was to come to an end, with someone saying: "If Phyllis dies I’ll boycott this programme."

Another exclaimed: "Careful Phyllis! If we lose you *and* Nic Grundy in the same weekend there will be a revolt against the BBC."

Luckily for the viewers, she made it out alive saying: "It would take something more than a little fire to finish me off!”.

Phew! Close call. 


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