Roxanne Pallett QUITS Celebrity Big Brother after Ryan Thomas 'punch' drama

1 September 2018, 12:14

Roxanne quits cbb

A Celebrity Big Brother spokesperson confirmed that the ex-Emmerdale actress made the decision to leave the show hours after Ben Jardine was evicted.

Roxanne Pallett has QUIT Celebrity Big Brother. 

A CBB spokesperson announced that the 35-year-old had made the decision to leave the programme on Saturday morning.

The statement read: "Roxanne has decided to leave the BB House. The remaining housemates have been informed."

The Sun later reported that the former Emmerdale favourite won't be picking up her £750,000 fee after walking out of the show. 

A statement from Roxanne's team implied she had left because of issues relating to being "punched" by Ryan Thomas. 

It read: "Roxanne decided to leave the CBB house late last night after deliberating for two days with some sensitive issues she felt strongly about.

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This week Roxanne accused Coronation Street star Ryan of "punching" her repeatedly in the ribs "like a boxer" during a play fight. 

She pleaded for Big Brother to remove the 34-year-old from the house, claiming that she felt unsafe in his presence and insisting she was allowed to sleep in a separate room. 

The incident prompted ire from fans who accused the actress of making domestic violence in to a storyline, and over 11,000 viewers complained to Ofcom

Last night viewers saw her recall a highly embellished version of events to housemate Ben Jardine, where she described an "incident" where she was "punched six times in the ribs". 

She said: "I didn't say anything but I was in so much pain all night, it was intentional to hurt, he went for it, did it with his fists, it was so sore.

"I walked off and for the next hour I was in a blur of confusion."

The situation triggered an outpouring of rage from Roxanne's former castmates, with her former on-screen husband Kelvin Fletcher going as far as to brand her "evil". 

He added: "She’s not ‘mentally ill’ or in need of ‘help’. That denounces that people with actual mental health issues are as vindictive and menacing as her. 

"They are not. There is a big difference. That was calculated and manipulative beyond belief."

Danny Miller called her a "compulsive liar" in a strongly worded tweet.

He wrote: “Roxanne’s a known, compulsive liar. Ryan wouldn’t harm a fly. 

“Horrible, attention seeking little liar.

“Goes from being upset & in pain to dancing & drinking - to going bed, crying she can’t sleep in the same room as Ryan, to worrying about being nominated? You be the judge.”

Charley Webb also called for there to be "consequences" for Roxanne's actions.

She tweeted: "So, all of Roxanne’s social media has been deleted. Says a lot to me. I’ve woken up this morning even more furious for @ryanjamesthomas and all the women who actually do suffer from abuse.

"It’s not normal behaviour and there needs to be consequences.

"It’s worrying that someone is allowed to say that about someone and they’re taking it seriously. We’ve just watched it and nothing happened. Outrageous. #BB"

Former Emmerdale star Sammy Winward seemed to allude to Danny's comments about her being a compulsive liar, retweeting Charley's status and adding: "It's been a long time coming."

However, Women's Aid urged people not to be too hard on Roxanne after it emerged that she had previously been in a violent relationship.

They urged people to have compassion towards the troubled actress, adding that sometimes play fighting can be scary for DV survivors.


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