WATCH: The Chase Viewers Blast Contestant For Getting ‘Easy’ Questions Wrong

19 October 2017, 12:12 | Updated: 19 October 2017, 12:15

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Fans of the show dub the latest contestant “dumbo” after yesterday’s show

Viewers were left fuming yesterday the moment that website designer, Sarah took on The Chase. 

Playing for £6000, the contestant from Scarborough was quizzed with a question asking which national park the Cleveland Hills reside in. Sarah answered that they were in Dartmoor but the correct answer was in fact North York Moors - to which Shaun commented: “I thought you would have got that coming from that way.”


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Sarah however confessed: “I was thinking of Cleveland in Ohio, in America” - eeesh. One viewer commented saying: “Has she looked out of her window lately? Cleveland hills in fucking Dartmoor” whilst another took the opportunity to call her “dumbo”.

And it didn’t end there as Sarah went on to say that someone that steals things is called “a gate” instead of “a fence”.

Tough crowd!


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