Fans Shocked As Chris Tarrant Spits Out Food Live On TV!

Chris Tarrant spits food out on TV

By Alice Westoby

The TV presenter wasn't a fan of some of the food on the show...

Chris Tarrant had audiences at home rolling their eyes during his appearance on Saturday Morning with James Matin at the weekend.

The TV veteran and James Martin, who hosts the weekly show, were invited to try an Icelandic national dish cooked by chef Agnar Sverrisson cooked live on the show.

The dish in question was fermented shark and it's safe to say Chris wasn't a fan...

Both Chris and James didn't hold back with their opinions declaring that the dish was 'horrible' and 'disgusting' before spitting it into the sink behind them.

Many viewers at home were shocked by what they saw and felt that poor Agnar had every right to be offended by their behaviour despite him appearing to take it in good humour.

But not everyone watching at home came down so harshy on Chris with some laughing at he and James' misfortune as they struggled to keep down the Icelandic dish.

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Perhaps if everyone watching at home had to try fermented shark they might not be so quick to judge!