The Chuckle Brothers Make Hilarious Drag Debut On Benidorm

15 March 2018, 11:42

Chuckle brothers on Benidorm

The Chuckle Brothers made an appearance on Benidorm and fans couldn't handle it!

The Chuckle Brothers returned to TV screens last night as magicians on Benidorm and one of them was practically unrecognisable! 

Taking to the stage at Neptune’s Bar, Paul was suited and booted, whilst Barry, playing the role of his assistant, turned up in drag.  

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Sporting a blonde bob and a flapper girl fringed dress, fans went into meltdown on Twitter over the pair’s epic appearance.

One fan brought up the fact that Barry had a striking resemblance with a former Bake Off judge, asking: “What’s Mary Berry doing on Benidorm?”

Whereas others were simply loving the nostalgia, with one viewer tweeting: “Chuckle brothers making an appearance on Benidorm makes me want to watch chucklevision again”

Another added: “It's great to see the Chuckle Brothers actually doing something different than 'me to you' thing.... The magic act is actually funny”

One fan said:

Barry and Paul’s magician performance didn’t quite work out as, Grandad Dawson, who they performed the trick on, wound up getting knocked out and fell off the stage.

But as ever, they made great TV and even made a classic “to me to you” reference! 

It was like nothing had changed, with one viewer tweeting: “Is it just me or do the Chuckle Brothers not age?” 

Couldn’t agree more!


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