Cold Feet Viewers Annoyed At Another MAJOR Gaffe

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When will the mistakes end?

On Monday night, viewers were left confused and bemused at yet another Cold Feet mistake. 

Yes, you did see that correctly: Angela did try to fly to Singapore via the arrivals gate at Manchester Airport. 

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Cold Feet Viewers Annoyed At This MAJOR Gaffe
Picture | ITV

The scene came after Adam (James Nesbitt) had to make an emotional, heartbreaking decision to choose between staying in Manchester with his son Matthew (Cel Spellman) or moving back to Singapore with his new wife of four weeks, Angela (Karen David). 

But viewers were distracted from the tearful goodbyes unraveling before them but the big, fat 'Arrivals' signs above Angela's head. Like in all of these situations, twitter was the platform viewers aired their frustrations. 

The mistake comes just a week after Angela said that Manchester is the second biggest city in the UK, causing fans to call her out on her mistake, claiming that it is in fact Birmingham. 

Angela better sort herself out before her return! Ouch...