Coronation Street Just Accidentally Announced A Death Early!

27 November 2017, 11:46

Gail Platt SHocked

By Alice Westoby

Someone has got some explaining to do...

The lead up to Christmas is often when the soaps are at their most dramatic.

We can always anticipate a big storyline teased up in the lead to Christmas day and reaching its climax on New Year's day - just remember what happened to Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell on Eastenders last year!

But the latest plot shocker on Coronation Street has accidentally been revealed too early by the programme's Twitter account, so look away now if you want to be spoiler free.

Corrie Spoiler

The tweet, which strangely hasn't been deleted yet, posted some teaser pictures of action coming up over the weekend which unfortunately included a plot point that hasn't unfolded on screen yet.

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Gary is still alive and kicking on screen so it's no wonder fans are totally baffled by the poorly timed tweet...

In soap land, spoilers are a common occurrence and fans of the shows will know when and where to steer clear of in order to avoid ruining the plot. But this one seems like more of a mistake than intentional! 

But it's confirmed that the drama will be heating up more, we can't wait to see how it unravels..