Pregnant Hayley Tamaddon, 42, hits back after being shamed for showing her bump

27 June 2019, 07:01 | Updated: 27 June 2019, 07:08

Hayley Tamaddon hit back after being body shamed on Twitter
Hayley Tamaddon hit back after being body shamed on Twitter. Picture: Twitter
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The former Coronation Street star hit back after a cruel troll told her to "put it away" - and her fans rallied around her.

Hayley Tamaddon took EIGHTEEN pregnancy tests before believing she was going to become a mum... but it seems not everyone is happy for her.

The former Corrie actress, 42, posted two photos of her looking delighted with her growing baby bump on Twitter yesterday - but her happiness was rocked when one follower, 'Linda', told her to cover up.

The troll wrote: "Ok, you’re pregnant. Now, put it away."

Hayley retweeted her, adding: "No thanks Linda... I’m quite happy keeping it out thanks. Feel the best I’ve ever felt and quite proud to show it off the baby bump I never thought I’d ever have. All the best to you!"

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One fan suggested that she blocked the rude stranger, but Hayley had a better idea.

She replied: "I should shouldn’t I.. but I’m so intrigued as to how else she can embarrass herself! Was thinking about sending her a pic a day! Or better still.. a collage of bump pictures!"

However, despite the influx of comments from Hayley's fans telling her to ignore Linda, she wasn't done yet.

She spoke up AGAIN when one fan accused her of only speaking like that as she was hidden behind a screen.

Linda said: "No, if I saw a pregnant woman in person like that I would also tell her to put it away."

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There were soon hundreds of comments bolstering Hayley and her decision to be proud of the pregnancy she'd always dreamed of.

Hayley replied: "You lot are a wonderful bunch! Besides Linda of course.. and 2 other trolls who I’ve blocked! Thanks for all your lovely positive tweets! No one has the right to tell us women what to do with our bodies. And if I wanna show off my bump.. I’m gonna. sleep tight everyone."

The former Dancing On Ice contestant announced she had got engaged last month, shortly after sharing that she had finally fallen pregnant after years of worrying she was infertile.

Hayley pictured in March this year
Hayley pictured in March this year. Picture: Getty

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said: "I must have taken 18 tests - 10 after my first one and then one each day throughout the week.

"I spent a fortune as we couldn't believe it.

"When Adrian and I started dating, I warned him I might not be able to have children.

"Now I truly believe the reason it never happened in the past is because I was meant to be with him all along.

"I'm a huge believer in fate, and everything has just clicked."