Coronation Street star Katie McGlynn flaunts one stone weight loss since quitting soap

8 January 2020, 14:24 | Updated: 8 January 2020, 17:18

Katie looks noticeably slimmer after leaving her role on the soap
Katie looks noticeably slimmer after leaving her role on the soap. Picture: Instagram

The former soap star has showed off a dramatic weight loss on Instagram.

Katie McGlynn has not long left her role as Sinead Tinker on Coronation Street, but the actress has already been smashing fitness sessions.

The 26-year-old admitted she'd put on a considerable amount of weight after she became incredibly invested in Sinead Tinker's storyline, which saw her dying of cancer.

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However, the star has lost all the weight and told Closer magazine she's feeling "more confident than ever" after slimming down.

Katie said that while filming, she gorged in between scenes: "I was snacking on biscuits in the green room and eating flapjacks made by the crew when I was exhausted."

The soap star added: "I was usually between a size 8-10 when ordering clothes, but I was creeping up to a size 12, which isn't bad at all, but it was bigger than I usually am."

She previously told The Sunday Mirror in November: “The emotion involved in Sinead dying meant I was just grabbing food and not really thinking about good nutrition.

"I was sitting on my sofa watching the programme in which Sinead is told she has weeks to live, and I started to cry.

“The next day I just kept crying. I couldn’t stop. I ended up going to see a counsellor who told me that I was mourning Sinead.

“A month later I still feel like I’m really mourning her. It feels like waves of sadness coming over me.

“I was so tired when I got home that I’d order a takeaway. On set, there were a lot of chocolates, flap jacks and treats flying around.”

Katie a few months ago
Katie a few months ago. Picture: PA

Katie left the Corrie cast back in October, and after doing so she was determined to get back into shape and began a 12 week programme at the Ultimate Performance Gym in Manchester.

And as her programme ends, the actress is looking toned and in-shape, saying she plans to continue working out regularly and sticking to her new diet, which consists of "good fats like salmon, eggs and nut butters".