Who did Catherine Tyldesley play in Coronation Street?

30 April 2021, 14:06

Catherine Tyldesley starred in Coronation Street
Catherine Tyldesley starred in Coronation Street. Picture: Instagram/PA Images

Who did Catherine Tyldesley play in Corrie and why did she leave?

Catherine Tyldesley has been on our screens for years, appearing on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and more recently ITV's Viewpoint.

But the actress actually shot to fame all the way back in 2011 when she made her debut on Coronation Street.

37-year-old Catherine left Weatherfield in 2018, after seven years saying: "Coronation Street has been a dream job for me which is why this was such a difficult decision to leave.

"Eva has been such fun to play over the last seven years, and who knows, one day she might storm the cobbles of Weatherfield again.

Catherine Tyldesley played Eva Price in Coronation Street for seven years
Catherine Tyldesley played Eva Price in Coronation Street for seven years. Picture: PA Images

"In the meantime I’m excited about the future, new acting projects, and spending time with my family."

So, who did Catherine play in Corrie and what happened to her character?

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Who did Catherine Tyldesley play in Coronation Street?

Catherine starred in Coronation Street as Eva Price.

The actress once described her character as a ‘diva’, saying: "Eva is a little bit of a princess! She's been spoiled rotten, so she's somewhat high maintenance and a little bit of a drama queen.

“She's definitely used to getting her own way."

In August 2014, the actress announced she was going to take maternity leave whilst pregnant with her first child.

After leaving in February 2015, she returned a few months later in July 2015 where her character became involved in a relationship with Shayne Ward’s Aidan Conner.

Back in Weatherfield, Eva decided to leave after the tragic death of Aidan.

After leaving for France with baby Susie and Adam Barlow, Eva briefly returned to speak at Aidan’s inquest.

At the inquest, Eva gave an emotional speech about the last time she saw Aidan and how much she loved him, telling the court: "I replay that night over and over again. I just keep thinking what if I'd said this or what if I'd done that because I was his last chance, to save him and I blew it."

But after hearing Eva's speech, Adam realised she would never feel for him the way she did for Aidan.

As Eva got ready to leave the Street for good, Adam told her he would be staying behind.

Why did Catherine Tyldesley leave Coronation Street?

Catherine left Corrie to go on Strictly Come Dancing and spend more time with her family.

She said at the time: “For me, it was just the right time to go. I think everyone has got their own views and stuff, I can’t speak for everyone else.

“I’d been there for seven years and I wanted to have a bit more family time and work on projects.

“I suppose some of the other people who are leaving, their reasons might be similar, I’m not sure.”

The former soap star added: “Everybody I know that is leaving or has left, they don’t have anything negative to say about it at all.”

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