Corrie Fans Spot ANOTHER Blunder... And It's So Obvious

Corrie's Anna Windass crutches blunder

By Holly Fishwick

Viewers of Coronation Street were left howling after they spotted a ridiculous medical phenomenon during an episode of the hit show.

Soaps often, ahem, ad lib on the truth and most of us let it slide. 

From gruesome murders, to complicated romantic plot twists, to characters seemingly returning from the dead... yep soap operas seem to get away with all sorts. 

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Their latest blunder however, had fans up in arms when they spotted that actress Debbie Rush was using her crutches all wrong!

Debbie Rush as Anna Windass | Picture: ITV via Youtube 

When the character Anna Windass returned back home from hospital after her hideous burns, she was understandably struggling to walk properly. 

However, fans were left lolling when the actress was caught using her walking aids the wrong way round and none of the directors or producers picked up on it!

Watch the hilarious clip here:

Viewers were quick to add their commentary on Twitter: