Dancing on Ice's Hamish 'bullied by Caprice' for 'not being manly enough' and is now in therapy

4 February 2020, 08:27 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 08:36

The star is now in weekly therapy sessions, reveals a source
The star is now in weekly therapy sessions, reveals a source. Picture: ITV

The skating show feud has been this series' biggest drama but it's not ended well for those involved.

Hamish Gaman is now in therapy after he was allegedly "bullied" by celebrity skate partner Caprice Bourret.

The new information was revealed by The Sun Online after a source claimed past trauma of being bullied for his femininity was brought up by her cruel taunts.

The Sun Online revealed that Hamish, 36, has told pals he feels "humiliated" after American Caprice, 48 told him during rehearsals that he was "a girl" and was branded "too feminine".

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Caprice and Hamish before the drama
Caprice and Hamish before the drama. Picture: ITV

British skating champ Hamish is now in therapy after the war with Caprice has had a detrimental effect on his metal health, as it brought up horrible memories from his past.

ITV bosses have arranged weekly sessions for the pro, who was picked on as a child for his love of dance and skating.

A source revealed to The Sun Online: "Caprice began to belittle and disrespect Hamish very quickly after their first training sessions began.

"She would mock him in front of the Dancing On Ice crew with comments such as, ‘you skate like a girl’ and ‘be more manly - you’re more feminine than me’.

"It became relentless every day and left both Hamish and the crew shocked. Behaviour like this has never been seen on the show before."

The source added: "Caprice's words sent Hamish into a dark place, as it took him back to his days at school where he was bullied for his love of figure skating and ballet.

"Because of the impact of their fallout, ITV have now taken the step to provide him with weekly therapy sessions.

"They are keen to ensure he is okay and able to continue on the show, as he is a very much valued and respected member of the professional team."

Hamish was mocked as a child for loving dance and skating
Hamish was mocked as a child for loving dance and skating. Picture: Instagram

Hamish broke his silence last week about his unpairing from Caprice Bourret on Dancing on Ice.

The skating professional shared a picture on his Instagram revealing that he is "not okay" after rumours about him bullying Caprice circulated the week prior.

Both parties were paired together late last year and trained together before performing twice on the ITV competition show, followed by them missing a week, then Caprice returning with a different skating partner, Oscar Peter.

However, this past weekend it was revealed that the model had quit the show for her own mental health, and it looks like she isn't the only one who's found it hard.

Caprice has strongly denied the claims.

Heart.co.uk has reached out to Caprice's representative for further comment.

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