Dancing On Ice's Matt Evers reveals Lucrezia Millarini had a disadvantage after shock elimination

20 January 2020, 13:06

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Matt Evers has revealed why Lucrezia Millarini might have found it harder to ice skate.

Lucrezia Millarini became the second celebrity to be voted out of Dancing On Ice following an incredible Musicals Week.

Unfortunately, the news reporter’s Mamma Mia inspired performance failed to impress, and she lost out to former footballer Kevin Kilbane in the skate-off.

But now professional skater Matt Evers has revealed why she may have had a disadvantage when it comes to learning the technical sport.

Speaking to us exclusively at Heart.co.uk, the 43-year-old said: “I think she lacked a little bit of gusto, and a little bit of oomph.

“Working with some of the petite women it’s harder for them to get the skill because they’re lighter.

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“You’ll see with the sports personalities they weigh more and get into the ice a little bit more. Smaller women, they’re lighter and it’s harder for them to skate because the friction doesn’t work as well.”

The star added: “She was on her way to being a beautiful skater. Unfortunately, somebody has to go home every single week. The studio will be sad she’s not here week after week, but she’ll be back for the final I’m sure.”

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Meanwhile, Matt and his celebrity partner Ian ‘H’ Watkins wowed the judges with a powerful routine to The Greatest Showman.

The pair bagged an amazing score of 26.5, but Christopher Dean noted that some of the moves may have been a little too complex for H.

Speaking about his critique, Matt said: “I really pushed H this week technically with the skills and the skating and I could have given him too much, not that it was sloppy, but it wasn’t as synchronised as it should have been.

“I think the look of having two men dancing at exactly the same time, that is something I have to take into consideration is to make sure we’re in 100% sync at the same time.

“It shows up more than a male and female partnership would.”