Andi Peters Left Blushing After Sexual Gaffe Leaves Viewers In Hysterics!

5 January 2018, 13:13

Andi Peters, Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain reporter left the country cackling into their morning cuppas after the programme took a left turn.

Good Morning Britian viewers witnessed what has to be the show's funniest moment to date.

Fans were left in hysterics after Ben Shepard awkwardly told people at home they could "get knocked up" by Andi Peters.

The programme took a turn for the worst when Ben Shepard began promoting this month's compettion.

Co-host Kate Garraway said to the camera: "Talking of winners, how do you feel about waking up a winner in 2018?"

Ben then attempted to read his lines from the autocue and made his first of two brilliant mistakes.

"This January, Andi will be cock – KNOCKing on the door of some lucky prize winners with £5,000," he said, looking very red-faced after the awkward blunder.

In a bid to explain why her co-host appeared to have mentioned the very rude word, Kate jumped in: "You were thinking of clocking up the miles weren't you? That's what you were asking."

More than pleased that Kate had managed to muster up an explanation Ben added: "I was, yeah. [Andi will be] clocking up the miles and knocking on the doors with a January bonus. It could be you that he knocks up!"


Realising his huge error after informing the nation that Andi could knock them up, he started laughing as he put his head in his hands in shame.

Of course at this point Kate had to step in once again, as she added: "If you fancy a chance of seeing Andi on your doorstep with all that cash you need to go to"


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