Ben Shephard shocks GMB viewers after it's revealed he was in Harry Potter and Friends

3 October 2019, 11:20

Ben revealed he's been in two huge productions
Ben revealed he's been in two huge productions. Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The ITV daytime presenter has done a few exciting cameos for some VERY well known shows and movies.

Susanna Reid was left gobsmacked after she found out her Good Morning Britain co-host Ben Shephard has had a few cameos, in a well-known film franchise and a 90s TV show.

The 44-year-old revealed on the show that he'd been in both Harry Potter and in Friends, and Susanna had never known this in the past.

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It occurred on a segment of the show earlier this morning, and although many have previously been aware of Ben's cameos, a lot were not aware.

Andi Peters was introducing the competition they were running from the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, and said: "You of all people should know where I am, Ben - you have dressed up and been here!"

Then, a brilliant photo of Ben in character as an unnamed wizard was shown on the screen, which left Susanna flabbergasted.

Ben was in The Half-Blood Prince
Ben was in The Half-Blood Prince. Picture: ITV

Andi continued: "Here is living proof of Ben in costume when he was here.

"Ben was in the movie Half Blood Prince - one of the Harry Potter movies - and that's exactly where I am right now."

Cutting back to the studio, Susanna, 48, exclaimed: "I'm sorry, that is the first time I have known that you are in a Harry Potter film?!"

Ben remained casual, simply replying: "Yes, I am."

To which Susanna replied: "As well as in Friends?!"

Susanna was really shocked when she found out
Susanna was really shocked when she found out. Picture: ITV

Ben joked: "Yes, I have appeared in many background artist shots."

Andi then joined in the banter, saying: "I have been in a Disney movie, Dawson's Creek, and New Adventures of Superman, just saying."

Ben was cast as Diagon Alley Father in the film after he caught some of the producers' eyes as he was currently filming a behind the scenes feature for the movie.

He explained: "Everyone who has appeared in the film or has a credit has a wand in the wand room, see if you can find it."

Ben can be seen leaning out towards Joey in the episode
Ben can be seen leaning out towards Joey in the episode. Picture: NBC

Last year, Ben revealed he'd had a small bit in the hit TV show, Friends back in 2002.

He was credited as Man With Microphone in The One Where Rachel Is Late, and appears as a reporter on the red carpet.

In the episode, Joey takes Chandler to a film premiere and Ben can be seen on the red carpet trying to get an interview with Joey, who snubs him, saying "who's that freak?"