'Countdown' Had A Balls-Up On Today's Show!

10 August 2017, 15:48


Nick Hewer was talking a load of old balls.

Countdown number-cruncher Rachel Riley and colleagues didn’t know where to look on today’s show when the weighty topic of balls came up.

Host Nick Hewer, 73 raised a laugh when he made a naughty innuendo about the word boules – the French game also known as pétanque. 

He said to lexicographer Susie Dent, 52 and guest Helen Fospero, 50 : “I do love it, you know, these old French codgers. It’s so sweet, they don't want to bend down to pick up their balls.

"So they have a magnet at the end of a piece of string and they bring it up.”

French pensioners

Oooh la la!  [Picture: iStock]

The former Apprentice sidekick then started doing the action of picking up the boules, with a delighted expression on his face.

Holding back the giggles, he said: "Why exhaust yourself picking up your balls when you can do it with a magnet?" Well, indeed.


Look how pleased he is!   [Picture: Channel 4]

We’re sure that the Channel 4 afternoon show’s core audience of students and pensioners were suitably amused by Nick going off on a tangent.

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Countdown isn’t averse to a saucy moment from time to time. Only last week, the word ‘Orgasmed’ was spelled out by Susie Dent. She was justifiably pleased with this, which prompted praise from Nick: “Excellent. And a very satisfactory eight it is too!”

Steady on.

Other words which have appeared on the Countdown board include ‘Farted,’ ‘Arse’ and ‘Erection.’ Oooh, Matron! 

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