Did A Friends Reunion Just Happen On The Chase?

15 March 2017, 17:16 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

TV news 2017 The Chase fans in frenzy over contestants with Friends names


By Hollie Borland

Poor old Bradley Walsh wasn't expecting to be called Gunther though...

When we were banging on about a Friends reunion we didn't think that it would happen on The Chase. 

Rachael, Ross, Phoebe and Joe all got together to try to beat the chaser and pocket some cash, all in the name of daytime TV.

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Okay, so it wasn't actually Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Matt le Blanc, but the four contestants on Monday's episode of The Chase were all named after the characters of Friends. 

And the joke wasn't lost on Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan as she prepared to take on the team, asking Joe: "You supposed to be Chandler or something?"

At which point the penny dropped with Bradley, as he said: "Oh I see…I didn’t realise that."

The pair then went on to adopt their Friend's alter egos as Jenny announced: "I'll be Marcel the Monkey."

Then Bradley replied: "I'll be Gunther."

Poor old Bradders couldn't help but look a little hurt as she quipped: "Sounds about right."