GMB viewers spot magician 'cheating' as he performs trick on live TV

1 August 2018, 11:10 | Updated: 1 August 2018, 12:20

By Alice Westoby

Eagle eyed viewers rumbled magician Julius Dein as he performed trick on Good Morning Britain.

A magician never reveals his secrets... but he might accidentally share them on TV. 

Magician and illusionist Julius Dein went viral after wowing musician Drake with his magical trickery and this morning it was Eamonn Holmes' turn.  

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Appearing on today's Good Morning Britain, Eamon, 58, was stunned by his skills but Julius didn't seem to impress the viewers at home as much.

Many of them took to Twitter to claim that they worked out how Julius 'levitated' his glasses above a desk by hovering his hands above them.

Some were convinced that they saw a piece of THREAD doing the work.

It's safe to say pretty much all magic tricks have an element of trickery behind them, if they didn't, then the magician probably went to Hogwarts. 

Some understanding viewers instead blamed the camera man for zooming in too close and giving away the secrets of Julius' trick.

But with a fan like Drake, we doubt Julius will be quitting magic any time soon.

Nothing gets past the Good Morning Britain viewers!