Joe Swash makes X-rated comment on Loose Women about his and Stacey Solomon's sex life

9 March 2020, 13:42 | Updated: 9 March 2020, 13:43

Joe made the risqué comment on today's episode of Loose Women
Joe made the risqué comment on today's episode of Loose Women. Picture: ITV

The Dancing on Ice winner appeared on the ITV chat show's panel today and was quizzed by the Loose Women.

Joe Swash made a very risqué comment on today's episode of Loose Women, after one of the panelists asked him about his and girlfriend Stacey Solomon's sex life.

He was appearing on the show after he was crowned the winner of Dancing on Ice last night, and spoke about how his life will finally return to normal after months of intense training seven days a week, eight hours a day.

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Understandably, Joe, 38, and Stacey's time together was massively affected by his rigorous training schedule and having four children to raise between them made things quite tough.

They've both been very open about their sex life in the past, so it wasn't too unsurprising that the Loose Women brought it up, seeing as Stacey is also a panelist and knows all of them very well.

Denise Welch asked a shocked Joe "are you nervous to have jiggy jigs again?"

The actor took it well, and laughed along with the other panelists and the audience, and joked: "I am yeah, might have to read up about it see what goes where!!"

The TV star's comments left the panel and studio audience in stitches.

It's not the first time Joe has chatted about his and Stacey's sex life on the show.

Joe made the cheeky comment on today's show
Joe made the cheeky comment on today's show. Picture: ITV

Joe joined Stacey and Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on Loose Women as part of a Valentine's Day special episode.

The two couples spoke frankly about their relationships and Joe shocked the panel when she made a shock revelation about his sex life.

The TV stars chatted about a "love hut" but Stacey didn't seem too keen on the idea.

“I don’t understand isn’t that what the bed’s for?” Stacey remarked.“Come on Stace to be fair our bed’s not for that,” Joe revealed.

For the rest of his Loose Women appearance Joe spoke about his Dancing on Ice win, and how he's happy to have some time to himself now it's over.

Denise asked Joe the cheeky question
Denise asked Joe the cheeky question. Picture: ITV

Joe admitted: "As much as I've been working [on the show], Stacey was looking after the kids and so on."

The star said he can't wait for things to return to normality, and that he's glad he won the series because there was a point where he thought he didn't have a chance.

"There was a moment when I was dressed as a scarecrow and at the bottom of the leaderboard when I thought 'this was a bad idea', but then after that everything changed".