Ola and James Jordan open up about their IVF struggles and that she 'couldn't tell him' she was pregnant

19 September 2019, 15:29 | Updated: 19 September 2019, 16:05

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The expecting parents were guests panelists on Loose Women today and spoke about their struggle to conceive.

James Jordan and wife Ola both opened up on today's Loose Women about their struggle with conception and their IVF process.

Ola, 36, has been with husband James, 41 for 20 years and have been trying to start a family for the past three but struggled immensely.

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The pair appeared on the ITV chat show
The pair appeared on the ITV chat show. Picture: ITV
The pair's first baby is due in March
The pair's first baby is due in March. Picture: ITV

Finally, after a successful course of IVF the couple announced they were pregnant with their first child, due in March, and they've revealed the heartache of failing to conceive naturally.

Speaking to the panel about the moment she found out she was expecting, former Strictly pro Ola said: "I did a test, he [James] was on the golf course.

"I cried, I was over the moon. The thing is with IVF, because we couldn’t get pregnant for a long time, you don’t believe it."

The pair joined the Loose Women panel
The pair joined the Loose Women panel. Picture: ITV

The stunning dancer had trouble believing the great news was true, and continued: "You’re like 'is it OK, is it normal?'"

And the news came as such a shock to Ola that she couldn't even tell James as she was so overcome with emotion.

“I waited for him to get home and I gave him the test because I couldn’t actually tell him.“I couldn’t say it, I was so upset, so happy. I did loads [of tests]."

James, who won Dancing on Ice earlier this year, spoke about his reaction to the news: “Amazing, I felt amazing. It’s a very special thing.

“But at the beginning, I didn’t want to get too excited because I know lots of things can still happen.

“I was trying to be realistic. I didn’t want to get too disappointed. I’m like that in life in general.”

However, Ola explained that it's not all been smooth-sailing and she's been through a lot over the past few months with the IVF treatment.

Not only did she have to inject herself every evening, which she admitted was "really hard", but Ola had to deal with waves of press coverage stating she was already pregnant when she wasn't.

Sharing the heartbreak, the star said: "You’re swollen even before you get pregnant.

“We had journalists saying ‘she hasn’t been drinking and she’s really swollen on the belly, she’s pregnant.'

“Actually, I’m going through fertility treatment, I was already quite swollen on the belly, so that’s quite hard.”

She added: “It’s really hard mentally more than physically. The injections didn’t bother me,” the former Strictly star commented."

The couple both announced their pregnancy news earlier this month, with Ola taking to her Instagram account to share a picture of her and James smiling at an ultrasound photo.

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I can’t actually believe I’m writing this but I’m so happy to say James and I are expecting a baby 🤰 We are both so excited to add a little munchkin into our family. We have so much love to share and I know James will be the best daddy ever. He’s actually a real softy and already talking to our baby every day close to my belly. I’ve been with James for over half of my life and I always said I would never love anyone as much as I love him..... but now I will, just in a very different way. I can’t wait to meet this little person growing inside me and give them all the love I possibly can. Please get you copy of @hellomag out tomorrow where we share our story of the joy and excitement of becoming parents. Big thank you to @hellomag for sharing our story of ivf struggles and now the joy of pregnancy. I still can’t believe IM HAVING A BABY 👶 Love you all 😘 P.S. Getting pregnant wasn’t straight forward for us and it’s been a long and emotional journey but we were one of the lucky ones. My heart goes out to all those couples still trying for that magical moment and I’ll always keep a prayer in my heart for you.

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The post read: “I can’t actually believe I’m writing this but I’m so happy to say James and I are expecting a baby.

“I can’t wait to meet this little person growing inside me and give them all the love I possibly can.

“I still can’t believe I’M HAVING A BABY. Love you all.”