Piers Morgan slams school for banning children from playing tag in furious rant on GMB

11 November 2019, 13:59

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The TV host launched into yet another red-faced rant about something that didn't apply to him.

Piers Morgan was not impressed by the new debate surrounding schools and their banning of games and playing tag on the playground due to it being "too rough" and he wasn't afraid to air his thoughts.

A school in the UK has banned games of tag and it's been the topic of discussion across the country, with some agreeing but most thinking it's a ridiculous move.

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Piers thought the whole debate was pointless
Piers thought the whole debate was pointless. Picture: ITV

Last week it was announced that a headteacher was branded "Britain's biggest snowflake" for preventing children at his school from playing the harmless game for the sake of their own safety.

As the topic was brought up on the ITV breakfast show today, co-anchor Piers chipped in with his opinion, stating: "How do you think we prepare our young children for the real world when they’re not even allowed to play tag?

"They’re not allowed to win or lose in anything anymore, now they can’t even play tag."

The 54-year-old host continued: "We’re wrapping the kids in so much cottonwool we are ill-preparing them for the real world.

A behavioural therapist and author debated with Piers and Susanna
A behavioural therapist and author debated with Piers and Susanna. Picture: ITV

"Why are we even debating this? The idea that we are now debating on national television, last week we were debating are we even allowed to clap anymore…"

"We can’t clap, we can’t play tag, we can’t win or lose.

"Why are we even having these conversations?

"We’re creating a generation so snowflakey that they won’t be able to leave their house."

Going up against Piers in the debate was Amy Nickell, an author from London who writes about life as a single mum.

The host and his guest Amy Nickell disagreed on the subject
The host and his guest Amy Nickell disagreed on the subject. Picture: ITV

She argued that it was a good move, and that tag should indeed be banned from schools as it's aggressive.

Amy said: "Aggression is not necessary and if we’re going to be progressive, let’s limit aggression. Tag is one-upmanship."

Good Morning Britain also had a behavioral psychologist named Jo Hemmings on the show to share her opinion, and she argued that kids should be playing the game because it’s "boisterous" and "excitable".

She explained: "Tag releases a burst of dopamine, we want our kids to be happy. It’s fun.

"It’s a consensual game. You can join it when you want, you can leave it when you want."

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