'The Chase' Bradley Walsh Inks ANOTHER Album Deal After Beating THIS 1D Star In Sales!

Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Bradley Walsh is set for music stardom after beating this One Direction star in the charts.

'The Chase' host, Bradley Walsh has inked a new deal with Sony Music CMG to release a second album after selling more records than Zayn Malik. 

The 56-year-old TV presenter's debut LP 'Chasing Dreams' beat the former One Direction star's record sales for his first solo album 'Mind of Mine' last year, and he has now reportedly signed a contract, which could see him release two more records and hit the road for a UK tour!

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "Bradley's album surpassed all expectations and he's now a key focus for the label in 2017. 

"Sony have signed him up for another album and don't want to waste any time getting it out, as well as putting him on stages around the UK. 

"He has proven there is an enormous market for his swing covers and they intend to capitalise on it. 

"Discussions have even taken place about the third album at some point too. 

"They know what works and he is already picking out songs for the second record and arranging studio time." 

The news comes after Bradley cheekily mentioned he would be happy to give Zayn, 24, a few pointers about music if he asked. 

He joked: "I haven't seen Zayn yet but I don't want him to be too upset, you know, it's tough for these young artists. 

"You know these young artists come along and they see an old stage entertainer whose played Watford Trades and Labour Club many times, it's very difficult for the youngsters to have any grounding and breeding in the industry. So yeah, if he wants any tips on how to sing a tune..."