This disturbing Toy Story theory will change how you see the film forever

Toy story shocking fan theory

By Alice Westoby

Fans of Toy Story may think they know the film inside out...until they hear this shocking fan theory!

Toy Story is one of Disney's ultimate feel good movies and one that's popular with all ages from grandparents to little ones.

By now you've probably seen the trilogy more times than you can count on your hands, but have you ever given this crazy fan theory a thought?

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Twitter user Baron Stigmund revealed a pretty dark thought his daughter had while watching the Pixar film recently...

Wow. That's a pretty harrowing takeaway from a very uplifting Disney film! But we have to say, it's a good observation.


The toys in the film - which include cowboy doll Woody, spaceman doll Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato Head and dinonsaur toy Rex - all play dead when their owner Andy enters the room.

So he would never know if they actually died because he had no idea they were alive in the first place.

We definitely all need to take a moment to digest this...

This isn't the first time fans have come up with bizarre Disney theories.

Remember when a theory emerged claiming the witch from Brave was actually a grown up Boo from Monsters Inc thanks to a series of clues planted throughout the movies?

Or how about that fan that thought he had worked out the reason why the Lightening McQueen and co are able to talk in Cars?

Disney have some dedicated fans so it's likely this wont be the last time a crazy Disney conspiracy theory emerges! 

But in the meantime, we'll be watching Toy Story for the hundredth time...