DIY SOS Viewers In Tears As Nick Knowles Transforms Paralysed Mum’s Home

5 January 2018, 11:28 | Updated: 5 January 2018, 11:58

DIY SOS transformation

Audiences at home were left blubbing during the most recent episode of the DIY show.

Mum of four Amanda Newton, aged 45, was left paralysed when her bike breaks failed and she was left careering into a sign post at 40mph.

The devastating injury left her with eleven broken bones, a punctured lung and a broken back leaving her confined to a wheelchair since the accident in 2015.

Ever since the trauma she has been desperate to return "to be a mum again" but the layout of her home which she shares with her four teenage children and husband has left her unable to carry out her normal mummy duties.

Cue Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team! They headed to Amanda's house to transform it to allow her to move more freely in her wheelchair and live life in her home just as she used to.

The reveal at the end of the programme is always emotional but this one was a particular tear-jerker as Amanda caught a first glimpse at the life changing transformation.

The team made drastic moderations to change the way Amanda lives including kitchen counter tops that can be raised and lowered and added a wheelchair lift to enable her to go up and down the stairs.

DIY SOS transforms paralysed mums home

Amanda took to Twitter to express her gratitude for the home overhaul and the lovely comments she had been recieving from audiences at home.

This nearly had us reaching for our hankies again!

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