Doctor Who Writer FINALLY Reveals The Time Lord's Real Name

24 July 2017, 08:35

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017

By Hollie Borland

AND the Christmas Special trailer has landed and there's BIG news for Pearl Mackie...

There are some big changes ahead in the future of Doctor Who, not only is the eponymous character getting their first ever gender swap, but writer Steven Moffatt is also leaving the show, as well as Peter Capaldi. 

We know, right? It's a lot to take in. 

The the current cast and crew aren't heading off without a bang, after Moffatt finally revealed the Time Lord's real name. 

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During an appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego, the writer finally put rest to some fiery debates. 

Moffatt insisted that his name is Doctor Who, not the Doctor as many fans believe. 

He said: "There isn't any doubt about it, I'm sorry. It was established in The War Machines (episode) that his name is Doctor Who."

But he added: "He doesn't often call himself Doctor Who because it's a bloody stupid name."

The news comes just hours before the BBC dropped the trailer for the Christmas Special, which will be both Moffatt's and Capaldi's last episode, and the thirteenth Doctor's (played by Jodie Whittaker) first. 

It was also revealed that Pearl Mackie will make an appearance in the upcoming Christmas special. 

The actress' alter ego Bill Potts was converted into a Mondasian Cyberman in season 10 of 'Doctor Who', much to the shock of fans after she had seemed to die, and the Time Lord's companion will be back for the upcoming episode.

However, it has not been made clear exactly how Bill will make her return.

Peter's exit from the programme will also coincide with that of actress Pearl Mackie, who plays the part of Bill Potts.

However, Pearl has left the door slightly ajar for a possible reappearance at some stage in the future.

She teased: "The Christmas special, last chance to see Bill. But it is 'Doctor Who', so never say never."

Seriously, never say never when it comes to the Doctor.