Holly and Phil Left Shocked As Truth Behind Kieron Richardson Storyline Gaffe Is Revealed

26 April 2017, 09:44 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

Holly and Phillip Break Kieron Richardson With Questions About Amy Barnes' Killer | This Morning


The 'Hollyoaks' actor was left fearing for his job after appearing to reveal who was behind Amy Barnes' murder.

Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield have been left gobsmacked after finding out they have may have been duped by Hollyoaks star Keiron Richardson about a huge plot twist. 

The popular soap star gave the impression he would have to collect his P45 after appearing to make an epic storyline blunder on This Morning back in March.

Keiron, who is known for playing recovering drug addict Ste Haye on the long-running soap, shocked viewers at home when he accidentally blurted out that his alter ego is behind the murder of Amy Barnes.

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Fans watched Keiron turn bright red and put his head in his hands as she realised his huge error.  

Amy Barnes had been left dead and covered in blood during a dramatic episode in the soap this week which left viewers guessing who was behind the brutal attack.

Speaking about the tense scenes, Keiron said: "The performances are absolutely brilliant. Ashley who plays Amy Barnes is an absolutely fantastic actress.  

"Even in my final scenes when I... no. Is this live? Have you got any jobs here? I might need one."

However, This Morning co-hosts Holly and Phil were shocked to find out that Keiron had actually been lying to them about his slip up.

This Morning soap queen Sharon Marshall told the presenting duo that Kieron "might have been acting". 

She told them: "I saw a video of him before that interview and he said 'I'm going to be acting, and pretend I've made a slip-up'." 

Implying how good an actor Keiron is, Phil mused: "He is up for Best Dramatic Performance!"

Ste and Amy's troubled relationship has been a huge storyline in the series for years and this week marked the end of an era as Amy was discovered dead with multiple suspects in the frame.

With blood on his hands, the prime suspect in the frame for Amy's murder has always been her troubled ex-husband Ste – the father of her two children – and her decision to take his children away with her to America gives him the perfect motive.

However, is all as it seems?

Who knows any more!?