This Harry Potter Star Is Back On Our Screens And TOTALLY Unrecognisable!

4 January 2018, 15:08 | Updated: 4 January 2018, 15:12

Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewis Asset

Matthew Lewis famed for playning Neville Longbottom has had a serious glow up and it's driving fans wild.

He may have been known for his stint as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, but actor Matthew Lewis has grown up a lot since he first starred as the chubby teen 17 years ago.

Viewers of Girlfriend were given a pleasant suprise last night when the hunky actor made an topless appearance in the drama after what must have been some serious hours spent at the gym.

With not an ounce of baby fat in sight, the actor who is now 28-years-old, had fans swooning with his sizzling cameo in the first episode and fans wasted no time taking to Twitter to share their delight.

Now he's grown up we can't get enough!

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