Eagle-Eye Viewers Spotted This BIG Mistake In 'Our Girl'

our girl canvas

*CONTAINS SPOILERS* You have been warned...

It's the show that has gripped the nation, with Michelle Keegan taking on the role of Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, an army medic currently posted in Kenya. 

Although the show has received great reviews, it didn't stop some eagle-eyed viewers spotting some big continuity errors in last night's episode. 

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Our Girl stills
Georgie had her hair up when she woke from a nightmare. Picture | BBC

After identifying her kidnappers, Georgie joined her fellow troop on the beach for some 'r and r'. She fell asleep on a lounger with her hair scooped up in a bun on the top of her head, but when she woke up from the nightmare her hair was loose around her shoulders. 

Our Girl stills
But when she sat up, her hair was loose. Picture | BBC 

But the faux pas didn't stop there. Fans also noticed that there was a mishap when it came the clothes she was wearing. 

In one scene she was wearing an orange and white long-sleeved t-shirt, whilst in another she was seen in a light blue tank-top and shorts. However the problem for viewers occurred when she seemed to be flitting between the two outfits between consecutive scenes. 

Our Girl stills
Georgie was wearing and orange and white t-shirt one minute... Picture | BBC

Our Girl stills
And a blue vest-top the next! Picture | BBC

Fans took to Twitter to air their views and they weren't great... 

However, a few wardrobe issues isn't going to stop us from watching it! There are only two episodes left in the five-part series and you can catch it at 9pm on Wednesday night on BBC One.