Eastenders Fans Notice Bernadette Has THIS Bad Habit And They're Infuriated!

29 September 2017, 08:31 | Updated: 29 September 2017, 08:34

Eastenders Bernadette Railway

Nothing gets past eagle-eyed Eastenders fans!

EastEnders fans were left outraged after realising that character Bernadette Taylor has inherited her mum Karen's most annoying habit. 

On Thursday night's episode, Bernadette is fixing her appearance in the mirror as she attempted to make move on Shakil.

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However, despite wanting to look her best, viewers were quick to point out that she had a hanging bra strap, just like her mother. 

The Taylor bra strap first gained notoriety back in August when viewers became distracted by Karen's bra strap - which has an annoying habit of falling off her shoulder. 

Someone probably needs to tell them that bra straps are adjustable!