Eastenders Have Committed Yet ANOTHER Blunder! But Did You Spot Last Night's Mishap?

10 October 2017, 10:55

Sharon Eastenders Phone Blunder

Eagle eyed Eastenders viewers spotted this mistake during last night's episode.

When a show is on 4 out of 7 nights a week like Eastenders is some mistakes are bound to happen, but not without the eagle eyed viewers ready to point them out of course!

Last night fans of the soap were particularly tickled by the fact that Sharon was getting annoyed repeatedly by pesky prank callers in the early hours of the morning.

In the episode, Sharon was seen marching up and down the stairs in her pyjamas to answer the phone only for it to stop ringing as soon as she got to it. 

We'd probably find that annoying too but many fans had no sympathy at all once they'd spotted that the phone was CORDLESS.

Sharon Eastenders Cordless Phone

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She could have made life much easier for herself by simply taking the phone upstairs with her and fans did not hold back when they took to Twitter to laugh at the major error.

While all these phone shenanigans were unfolding Michelle and Louise were at the top of the stairs watching and Sharon eventually confessed to them that she thought it was her stalker Tom.

In other news on Albert Square last night, Carmel was starting to regret reporting Stacey to social services and Kush realised it was her who filed the complaint - but will be tell Stacey?

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